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End of Year Show: Preperation

9 Jun

Over the past week I have been working on my end of year show piece. I’m working in a group with some of the really great girls in my year so I’m excited to see the final results on Thursday.

My role within the group was to design the facial makeup and create the gill and spine prosthetics – I also collaborated with Shona on some of the details of her body-paint role. We all discussed what each of us had worked on and brought our ideas together to create a final plan we were all happy with, updating each other regularly with our progress on our Facebook group.

Today I am in Uni, creating the PlasSil moulds.¬†I was originally going to create 3D transfers using Pro-bondo however I have realised this won’t really work as I need to use the moulds to make several pieces. So I’m going to use liquid latex. I hate using liquid latex for prosthetics; alas, needs must. I’ve been speaking to Grace McComisky about how she creates her pieces as I need to work on more substantial materials for my appliances! (PS. Anyone want to give me some make-up work so I can earn the money to BUY these materials – much appreciate ūüėČ )


First Layer of PlatSil

First Layer of PlatSil


Rumpus – 20,000 Creatures Under The Sea.

5 Mar

Wow, another amazing night by Rumpus, they just keep getting better!

Last Saturday the Happy Slap Boutique Crew once again joined forces with the brilliant people at Rumpus and ventured on to the Stubnitz with lots of exciting ocean treats for the lovely crowds!

A few of us Happy Slappers getting ready to board!

A few of us Happy Slappers getting ready to board!

We all got our sea rags on and got to work, making up ourselves and our shipmates. I made sure Scott grabbed a picture of my hair/makeup before the night started as I knew it might just get a bit crazy later on!

I decided on the makeup on the day, though I wish I had done more research now as I chose to loosely base this look on the fins/tail of japanese fighting fish and I could have done so much more if spending more time on it!¬†Definitely¬†an inspiration point to keep hold of. If you don’t know what they look like, here is a quick picture.

Having finished my own makeup, next job was the performers. This was the first time I’ve been able to fully do one of the performers so it was great (although I worked with the wonderful Tash Hobbs too who did the hair!).¬†This took me about an hour to do and was pretty much stress free. I wish I had more time so I could have done a much more in depth paint job, however results are good and I can get that done next time! Here is the final result – you can’t really see the detail in the¬†metallic¬†colours i used but as always she looks stunning. Even without legs.

Hair & Makeup: Victoria Stansfield MUA & Tash HobbsModel: Aurora StarrPhotographer: Scott Salt (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Scott-M-Salt-Photography/106546549432447?fref=ts)

Hair & Makeup: Victoria Stansfield & Tash Hobbs
Model: Aurora Starr
Photographer: Scott Salt

As usual the makeup boutique was loads of fun and it was great to get everyone made up into exciting creatures. I don’t know if it as because it was day time or it was the setting but everyone seemed so buzzed in such a different way and I got to chat to loads of the customers ¬†about how much they were enjoying themselves which was fantastic. We closed the boutique once the party was in full swing and got to the games with our top DJ Ocelus (https://soundcloud.com/ocelus).

We had awesome performances from our sailor boys and mermaids Рalong with lots of cheeky nautical chat up aeroplanes flying about. Check out the pictures below.

The party was so much fun, and I met even more really amazing people and got chance to speak properly to the amazing people I met briefly last time! So much fun! Following the 11pm finish we all headed of to cause more trouble, singing songs and performing for the tube users of london and laughing away the rest of the night!

Photographer: Michael Markshttps://www.facebook.com/michaelsmarks

Photographer: Michael Marks


Check out this great review of Rumpus on This is Cabaret! http://www.thisiscabaret.com/in-pictures-rumpus-20000-creatures-under-the-sea/


If you would like to book Happy Slap Boutique and have lots of fun with us, please visit our website and get in touch!



Film Focus: Life of Pi (2013)

9 Jan

Today for the first time I went to see a film on my own. I totally enjoyed it, I’m not sure if it was the film but everything felt so much more intense; even before the film! It felt more like it was just for me and although I’ve never thought about it like this, I felt like I¬†realised¬†more of my own raw emotion rather than feeding off those around me that I knew. I pretty much forgot about everyone else in the cinema (apart from the annoying bag crunching, giggling girl behind me).


The film I went to see was Life of Pi. I hadn’t seen any trailers or read anything before seeing the film, only seen the images of the tiger and mosaic patterns on the back of MUA and Total Film magazines (for some reason I’d not even read the articles about it, I just knew I wanted to see it). It was a brilliant choice, the film is beautiful and the use of CGI is amazing, the best I have even seen in a film (I saw it in 3D as they didn’t have a 2D showing, I’d like to see it to compare). ¬†The pictures below are from two of my favourite scenes.

The film is based on a novel written by Yann Martel (published 2001) and tells a unique story of friendship and endurance. I love the indian backdrop as it adds a fantastic cultural dimension to the film and it is presented in a way I have not seen before (such as the more cheesy slumdog style). I’d give the story 9/10 and the visuals 10/10.

Please go watch it, I will be buying it when it comes out on Blue-ray. (Also, read the book, I will be getting it this week!)