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COD & Bruises.

15 Nov

So… it’s not all bad having a boyfriend and bro in law obsessed with COD.

COD addicts.

Realising I have my FX kit and I have a tonne to practice, I check out what I actually brought with me. The best answer to this question: Bruise gels and a bruise wheel. (I’m missing latex/gelatine so that rules pretty much everything else out.)

My bruises to date have been really flat – I have also realise due to paranoia about blending my every day makeup out, I now have a slight obsession with blending everything out. Whilst this can be great, it’s not always the effect I want or need. So today’s practice is centered around textures and creating 3D imagery with 2D products.

So here is my greasepaint bruise:

Greasepaint Bruise

And here is my bruise gel bruise:

Close up Bruise Gel Bruise

Bruise Gel Bruise

The best new technique I found with both materials, was to use the yellows first to create a bruise area to work on – I think this added to the depth of my bruises and most bruises I have seen that are broken in colours seem to have a hint of yellow in them, even if only very slight.

My greasepaint work has improved since last time – however as I did not focus on what had made the impact, I do not feel that my work reflects a realistic bruise.

And, as Jeff said in the first bruise lesson… people turn to bruise gel. I now love the stuff after creating this piece. I was looking to create a bruise that had perhaps been made by a hollow pole, with more pressure towards the lower side – and I think I achieved this, I am really proud of this one! I actually messed it up several times but managed to salvage it each time, adding layer upon layer and then taking away from som parts to create a swollen area. I also found a new technique using my brush & fingers to create broken blood vessels. I love it! I learnt I don’t need to be afraid to use quite solid lines!

I think I did better in this practice because again, I have been looking at pictures. I’m developing a pattern here!
Next loan : Medial books.