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Shoot: Graduate Design

13 Apr

Today I worked with photographer Clare Chojnowski and Fashion Designer Sian Gabbidon from Huddersfield University.

The shoot was for a Graduating Designers clothing collection, an orange and white range of oversized garments contrasting with close fit pieces. Along with myself there was a hair stylist – I always love working with hair stylists as they always give great tips and usually are interested in knowing about my makeup work!

The makeup look was to be clean and natural, with an orangey tinge to the eye area – for this I used a beautiful multi-tonal orange form the Nyx Eyeshadow palette I bought form the IMATS last year.


The models were absolutely stunning, towering over me in heels at around 6″3′. I’m so small. I even tried to take heels with me to offset this usual pattern – it didn’t work. It’s okay, I’m pretty sure being small is going to come in really useful for me one day soon.


Final images will be up within a couple of weeks!


I have the final edits, I am really happy with the outcome, the girls look great and Clare’s Photography is wicked.


MUA: Victoria Stansfield PHOTOGRAPHER: Clare Chojnowski CLOTHING DESIGNER: Sian


MUA: Victoria Stansfield PHOTOGRAPHER: Clare Chojnowski CLOTHING DESIGNER: Sian


MUA: Victoria Stansfield PHOTOGRAPHER: Clare Chojnowski CLOTHING DESIGNER: Sian


More not doing my essay.

21 Mar

This started out as another inspiration piece for my presentation – based on Kazuhiro Tusji’s ability to manipulate a face to look like that of another.

However, because life (and makeup) isn’t about being serious all the time….

Here is my take on the modern look of today. Complete with fake hair, fake glasses and oversized hat.

This is a joke makeup ;). Although quite a reality for some…

I\m sexy and I know it.

I’m sexy and I know it.

EDIT: As an afterthought, this was actually quite a worthwhile experiment. I can confidently say after applying one of the darkest foundations in my palette, very thickly and layering up the bronzer – I am no longer scared of the pea sized amount of comparatively very light MAC C2 Face and Body Foundation I wear regularly.