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Airbrush: Taking the first step.

12 May

Ok, this one is pretty much purely evidence for uni to show I have conquered whatever it was that meant my airbrush has been in my cupboard unused for the past few months.

So, thought it looked tricky to perfect? You’re not wrong; although, I have never used it before – so works of art are not to be expected! I only had 20min to fill so there isn’t much detailed experimentation. The airbrush and paint I am using is by Mistair – we got it at a reduced price when they came in to uni to speak to us. Horrah!

I used the darkest foundation colour I had so:
A. I could see it on my super white skin.
B. Its the colour least likely to be used in my near future work.

So heres some examples for you, I played with patterns and shading. Whilst not the best work I have ever done first time, I feel I have broken the barrier and could build a decent relationship with my airbrush. I’ll be coming back to my airbrush as I think I’ll be needing it for my SFX project…

IMG_1254 IMG_1255

A few hours later and I can’t contain myself…

I have decided that the airbrush is just going to take too long and cost too much for my SFX project. This conclusion is based on speaking to Stephen and Grace, and practicing on my own face.

However, I tried some other bits out too. First of all I tried to do a high contrast contour piece – such as something that could be used for theatre. Not bad a for a first go! It looks a bit weird without the other features being completed.

Contouring in a more theatrical style using an airbrush.

Contouring in a more theatrical style using an airbrush.

Secondly I tried to do my own foundation/blush/contour – the colours are a bit off but it looks ok and helped me practise. That pink is ridiculously pink ha! I added mascara/some brows/lipstick for a more completed look this time. My skin feels super shiny, so next time if using an airbrush for my normal makeup, I’d probably powder it to some degree.

Airbrush base/contour/blush.

Airbrush base/contour/blush.