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Reflection and Photography

3 May

I dream of travelling the world, meeting people from every corner and widening my reality.

I want to understand people’s faces, I want to learn about people not just from their words, but from what I see and experience. I feel through excessive use of media my senses have become dulled to the world around me. I have spent hours and hours in from of my laptop, often living what I see as an almost purely synthetic existence. Don’t get me wrong – the internet is a vast melting pot of useful information and inspiration to be seized, but what and I really gaining from the experience? Could I be spending my time on this earth better?

Being an individual who’s every action depends upon intensive gut feelings, I think perhaps the reason my life sometimes feels so empty, is because I am not listening to what my mind and soul are asking for. Vivid, interactive personal experience.

Day 01. PHOTOGRAPHER: Victoria Stansfield

Day 01.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Victoria Stansfield

When considering my art, within the fashion industry I have found makeup can be quite passive – and is often dictated by someone else. I myself am a result of media contortion and am often incredibly self objective, as are many other women (and men). I do not want to be part of an industry in which women are made to feel uncomfortable with themselves and their lives. I watched a great Ted Talk my friend Steph posted up and it summarises these issues well. Take a look….


Whilst working within the fashion industry, we feel are creating something beautiful, but in actual fact we are producing only destruction. We are crushing the self confidence of millions of women, debilitating their daily lives and increasing self hate and jealousy. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Is this really how we think we should be acting and feeling? Is there not something better for us out there?

I feel by doing any kind of fashion makeup, I am tearing myself away from the path towards my mountain (thanks for the advice Gaiman!) – both morally and artistically. I feel I have been easily led into fashion by the promise of instantaneous reward, particularly in monetary terms. However, despite the draw, I am to stop taking part in this game and follow what is true to myself, now focussing on my workshop practice (the SFX discipline I most enjoy), along with performance work.

Day 02. PHOTOGRAPHER: Victoria Stansfield

Day 02.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Victoria Stansfield

Back to the photography side of this post.

I want to really focus on life, I want to get out there, see it, do it, capture it. I have decided to get back into photography. My main interest is within documentary, journalistic and portraiture photography – but I’m not going to focus on that too much whilst I learn to use my camera again. I feel by doing this I will train myself to look closer into what is around me and re-connect with people – or even just learn to connect as I am a child of the social media technology era and have grown up plugged in.

From now on, you shall be getting more mini-updates, as I invite you to share in my life adventure, one photo at a time.

I cant promise they’ll all be wonderful, but everyone starts somewhere. It’s just where it takes you along the way that is what matters.

I implore you do do something that will take you to new places, and fill your heart with light and happiness.
Look beyond your computer screen and reach to the world outside.

Day 03. PHOTOGRAPHER: Victoria Stansfield

Day 03.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Victoria Stansfield


Film Focus: Life of Pi (2013)

9 Jan

Today for the first time I went to see a film on my own. I totally enjoyed it, I’m not sure if it was the film but everything felt so much more intense; even before the film! It felt more like it was just for me and although I’ve never thought about it like this, I felt like I realised more of my own raw emotion rather than feeding off those around me that I knew. I pretty much forgot about everyone else in the cinema (apart from the annoying bag crunching, giggling girl behind me).


The film I went to see was Life of Pi. I hadn’t seen any trailers or read anything before seeing the film, only seen the images of the tiger and mosaic patterns on the back of MUA and Total Film magazines (for some reason I’d not even read the articles about it, I just knew I wanted to see it). It was a brilliant choice, the film is beautiful and the use of CGI is amazing, the best I have even seen in a film (I saw it in 3D as they didn’t have a 2D showing, I’d like to see it to compare).  The pictures below are from two of my favourite scenes.

The film is based on a novel written by Yann Martel (published 2001) and tells a unique story of friendship and endurance. I love the indian backdrop as it adds a fantastic cultural dimension to the film and it is presented in a way I have not seen before (such as the more cheesy slumdog style). I’d give the story 9/10 and the visuals 10/10.

Please go watch it, I will be buying it when it comes out on Blue-ray. (Also, read the book, I will be getting it this week!)