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Gelatine Full Thickness Flame Burn

22 Nov

Today I have been working on the specifications given for our personal inspiration book. Next term I’m calling it sketchbook and throwing the teachers rules out the window.

ALSO in the wonderful world of FX, I have been working on my full thickness flame burn. Once I master this I will work my way back to slightly ashed skin. So here we go:

It’s make out of gelatine! I tried to layer this up to create a 3D piece, stringing gelatine between areas to create an impression of the body melting and pulling apart. I’m not sure if skin melts but it looks cool. I hate to say this as a veggie but I’d quite like to burn some skin and see what happens. It’s a hard life being a wannabe Vegan – yet being obsessed by psychopaths and blood.

I used yellow, dark yellow, red, maroon, and black greasepaints to create this piece. I decided to spend longer on my paint job than usual, using two brushes (OOOoOOoh!)  rather than one to paint in. I used a fine brush to colour in lower set details to create an impression of real depth. I forgot to powder and get jelly on it, but I’m happy with the overall shine – although the flash certainly captured a few edges I didn’t want to show.

Also, I must say I am very happy with the lower part of this piece, this is the first time I have been able to look at the edge as sinking in rather than out. with the black smoke edging appearing to be higher than the gelatin – got you! It’s not. The gelatine edge is actually much higher than the skin.


[EDIT: Note to self; same detail & larger sink areas?]