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Life Casting – Negative Creating & Silicone Running

11 Nov

Today I went into uni to catch up with my SFX work, having been off for work experience. Today I created my negative over the sculpted clay, to finish my mould and run my silicone piece.

Below you can see my finished sculpt, the top clay half is my primary piece, the lower half is a back up piece incase anything goes wrong with the top part.

To create the negative mould, we carried out the same steps as doing the initial life cast, only this time, we already have the facial mould to use. Check back through my earlier SFX posts to find more in depth details about this procedure, heres a quick run through –

1. Create the clay/modrock wall and cover the interior in Vaseline.

2. Fill with plaster, using a double skrim layer for support.

Clay/Modrock Wall

Clay/Modrock Wall

Creating the Plaster Negative

Creating the Plaster Negative

3. Allow to set for approximately 15min, then break open. remove all clay and particles from the interior to ensure the shape of the silicone run is not altered.

Plaster Negative

Plaster Negative

4. Once this has been done, we are ready to run! Place the mould on a stable horizontal surface, and pour in the silicone. Place the first part of the mould (the positive side) within the negative. Those holes we drilled earlier will help get positive to negative positioning correct. Silicone will run out the sides so watch out. Place a small dab of the silicone on top of the mould to help determine if the silicone has set.

Time to pour!

Time to pour!

Running the Silcone

Running the Silicone

5. After about 45min, it’s time to break open! You’ll have to come back next week to see the silicone piece!

Breaking Open!

Breaking Open!


Leeds Uni Gala Face-Painting!

17 Jul

Once again I was able to work with the wonderfully talented Liz Buff.

This time it was for Leeds University Gala, where we face-painted each other and anyone that wanted to get into the spirit of the day!Iit

It was great to get chance to work and chat with Liz again, as she will be soon moving to the south of France; hopefully this will open up some work opportunities with her in France in the nearish future! As she was leaving, she also gave me a great goodie bag of items she no longer needed.  Love you Liz!


Old Age Makeup for Theatre

11 Mar

This was a hard one. Theatre/large stage makeup is so hard to get right – everything seems so wrong up close but once the model is at a distance the makeup seems so subtle!

Model: Eve Kearney. Old aged makeup for theater - first attempt.

Model: Eve Kearney. Old aged makeup for theater – first attempt.

I just used greasepaints and a bit of setting powder for this one – it could be developed into a character further by adding makeup to the now aged face.

I think this went ok for a first go… though it does make me laugh at how ‘bad’ it is. She reminds me of an old aged lego person.

Lego faces - no blending here!http://i.ebayimg.com/t/LEGO-LOT-OF-12-ASSORTED-CASTLE-MINIFIG-HEADS-VARIOUS-FACES-WITH-MUSTACHE-/00/s/MTM3M1gxMjE0/$(KGrHqF,!n8F!IhHh9zuBQPUOLg98w~~60_35.JPG

Lego faces – no blending here!

This is something I need to have another go at. I don’t think I’ll be using it as part of my final sfx piece for this semester as its really technical and really easy to get wrong, something that I will get beter at long term though for sure! I think the lines are ok… I’d rather use powder to shade out the face shape though as greasepaint just never seems to work right for me… it either blends out too much or it is too strong and fake looking!

Hopefully one day I’ll be on the level of the makeup artists such as  Fionagh Crush, who worked on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)http://willblogforfooddotcom.files.wordpress.com/2012/

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Sculpt Gel Practice – Face Slash

13 Jan

This evening I looked further into sculpt gel techniques. I decided to focus on my face for a change so I get used to the anatomy of different parts of the body. For the wound… think, animal attack – something with sharp talons or claws.

I found the gel so much easier to work with when more of part C was added, however it took much, much longer to dry! The large cut I did at the top of my lip was with thicker gel, but I got rid of half of it and used a thinner mix. I found by rolling my brush end towards where I wanted to create an edge, I could create much smoother and thinner shapes that still blended outwards into the skin. rather than blending out a sausage shape and cutting into it which caused drag and risked moving the set gel.

Another great technique I found, was smoothing the gel over my skin, and then using an edge, cut straight into the ‘second skin’ giving a quick and realistic look.

cutb cutc

Face Slash View One

Face Slash View One