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Shoot: Graduate Photography with Nisha Clutton

24 Apr

Today I shot with Photographer Nisha Clutton and Model Zoe Harlotti.

The shoot was organised by Nisha, who was looking to build her fashion photography portfolio for university. She found myself and Zoe using the website Purple Port. A website on which artistic professionals and enthusiasts are able to search for others when wanting to offer paid work or work on collaborations.

In the shoot I was asked to do one makeup look, with a slicked back hairstyle. The makeup was to be based on a brief sent by Nisha; which consisted of using dark smokey eyes and metallics. It gave me the opportunity to experiment with eye makeup, something I am less confident with and I was pleased with the results.

I have to say, initially the makeup I did I was great – though once done, I tried to add vaseline for a wet look; it didn’t really work. The makeup blending I had spent so much time on became blurred and wiping the vaseline cause strong lines. I need to look into more methods of creating wet look effects.

Despite this, the final images looked wonderful. Thanks girls!

MUA: Victoria Stansfield, PHOTOGRAPHER: Nisha Clutton, MODEL: Zoe Harlotti

MUA: Victoria Stansfield, PHOTOGRAPHER: Nisha Clutton, MODEL: Zoe Harlotti


Bonfire Night/Media & Postiche Progression.

7 Nov

This week it was Bonfire night!

I have fond memories of attending bonfire night celebrations when I was younger. I think it’s something to do with fire and a undertone of anarchy – plus the mixture of cold blasts and red hot heat across your face. I always enjoy watching firework displays, the bigger the better. They’re even more spectacular when choreographed, sending you into trance, like a deer in headlights.

Standard Firework Picture.

Standard Firework Picture.

Each year, Leeds University Circus Society do some fire performance, although this year I didn’t feel quite confident enough, it’s been a couple of years since I played with fire. Next bonfire night I will be performing for sure, perhaps in London!

In work related news, I have been progressing with my media and PDP work, I’m trying really hard to not allow the amount of work I have to do stress me out and keep to the thought that so long as I’m doing some kind of work, I’m moving forwards. I’ve been creating mood boards, drawings and tonight I did some mini makeup practice for my task three character.

Using Lara as my model, as she it up north (or in the North of England as I was corrected today) for the weekend, I set to work on an initial test piece for the Task Three makeup. This makeup will be for an acrobat character, starring in a film piece. There is much more I would like to do with this, with some added complexities to stretch my skills. I didn’t touch the skin and instead focused on the eye design. I like it, but I feel there is something missing – fake eyelashes for a start. More research and experimentation to be done.



I also created V for Vendetta makeup on Bonfire night, but as I had just missed the daylight and I was in a rush to get to piano/boxing (and didn’t fancy going with makeup on), I didn’t manage to get a worthy enough picture. I have also been totally failing with my 30 days of Sci-Fi, this time of year is so busy; I’ve decided to save that for January when everything slows down. I will however be still trying to do daily makeups to encourage my creative flow and not get too enslaved by academic work.

Creative Lip Practice Day!

21 May

Today I was supposed to be doing a fashion shoot, however my beautiful model is in hospital. ūüė¶

So, to cheer myself up today, I’ve decided to focus on developing my creative lip work – because… why not!


Black lipstick with fine glitters.

More details on each look later. This is just to ease the writing length later…


Black lipstick with metallic powders.

Gold textured lips.

Gold textured lips.

I don’t know what it is about being tipsy; but it being the reason my career commenced, I can’t argue. Plus I couldn’t do ombre lips during the sober day so… here you go.

Red/white ombre lips.

Red/white ombre lips.


Eyebrow Blocking

18 Apr

Ok, just a quickie. I’ve been experimenting with brow blocking. Everyone has told me¬†glue sticks¬†are the best for this.

In this image I have used a really cheap¬†glue stick, MAC Studio Line (high coverage) and a PAM Palette (mid-high coverage) + Ben NYE fair powder. The glue stick obviously isn’t good enough and the foundations barely covered at all! The powder didn’t even help.

This is also a perfect example of how i have freckles on half my face. Thanks Sunshine.

Left Brow: Cheap gluestick + swept MAC Studioline Right Brow: Cheap Gluestick + dabbed PAM Palette.

Left Brow: Cheap gluestick + swept MAC Studioline
Right Brow: Cheap Gluestick + dabbed PAM Palette.

Okay so I stepped it up in both areas… more¬†expensive¬†glue stick (more sticky, less slidey) and I have used Ben NYE Tattoo cover on top. I think this works great – it’s super thick and has ridiculously strong coverage – like a tar! It works quite well though, especially as I have almost black brows!

More expensive glue stick + dabbed Ben NYE Tattoo Cover.

More expensive glue stick + dabbed Ben NYE Tattoo Cover.

Here’s a rushed drag-like look for your amusement – it looks really¬†ammeter¬†but I don’t mind, just needs more practice (particularly my powder application over the real brows). I think we actually learn to do this properly in second year, though it’s not really an interest of mine.

Rushed drag makeup.

Rushed drag makeup.

20’s Makeup

20 Feb

Okay, so as practice makes perfect and repetition increases memory it would figure using every opportunity to use these methods should be taken.

I don’t wear makeup day-to-day. I like my own skin and am happy in it, however, this would be the perfect¬†opportunity¬†to practice a style of makeup every day. So, using my working document I will be doing a new look at least every other day.

Today was 20’s! Having super short 20’s style hair¬†definitely¬†helps the cause. Just some quick pictures for you:

Front View

Front View

Side View

Side View