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Eyebrow Blocking

29 Jan

Today as a class, in broken down groups we demonstrated to each other different ways of blocking out eyebrows; discussing the process, products and uses within the professional industry. The purpose of this task was not only to learn the obvious, but stretch our experimental abilities; questioning what was being asked of us and trying to formulate specific ways in which brow blocking worked for us personally.

I was in a group with Leanne and Emily, we split the task between us, sharing research, display and practical task. Prior to the presentation day, we did a trail run.

Despite our mistake in the size and cut of our eyebrow piece, we concluded that our process was the most successful in terms of visibility when done correctly. However, cap plastic application may not be required if dealing with a theatre production, as the detail will not be visible from far away. In reality, if dealing with a HD production, the actor would need to shave off or wax their eyebrows; as such small details would easily be recognised on the screen, rending coverup redundant.

Cap Plastic Application

Cap Plastic Application

Below you can see examples of the other groups’ work.


Soap Application


Wax Application


Pritt Stick Application


Pro-BOndo Application


Bonfire Night/Media & Postiche Progression.

7 Nov

This week it was Bonfire night!

I have fond memories of attending bonfire night celebrations when I was younger. I think it’s something to do with fire and a undertone of anarchy – plus the mixture of cold blasts and red hot heat across your face. I always enjoy watching firework displays, the bigger the better. They’re even more spectacular when choreographed, sending you into trance, like a deer in headlights.

Standard Firework Picture.

Standard Firework Picture.

Each year, Leeds University Circus Society do some fire performance, although this year I didn’t feel quite confident enough, it’s been a couple of years since I played with fire. Next bonfire night I will be performing for sure, perhaps in London!

In work related news, I have been progressing with my media and PDP work, I’m trying really hard to not allow the amount of work I have to do stress me out and keep to the thought that so long as I’m doing some kind of work, I’m moving forwards. I’ve been creating mood boards, drawings and tonight I did some mini makeup practice for my task three character.

Using Lara as my model, as she it up north (or in the North of England as I was corrected today) for the weekend, I set to work on an initial test piece for the Task Three makeup. This makeup will be for an acrobat character, starring in a film piece. There is much more I would like to do with this, with some added complexities to stretch my skills. I didn’t touch the skin and instead focused on the eye design. I like it, but I feel there is something missing – fake eyelashes for a start. More research and experimentation to be done.



I also created V for Vendetta makeup on Bonfire night, but as I had just missed the daylight and I was in a rush to get to piano/boxing (and didn’t fancy going with makeup on), I didn’t manage to get a worthy enough picture. I have also been totally failing with my 30 days of Sci-Fi, this time of year is so busy; I’ve decided to save that for January when everything slows down. I will however be still trying to do daily makeups to encourage my creative flow and not get too enslaved by academic work.