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Media Postiche: Task 1 Assessment

19 Nov

Today I did my Task 1 Media Postiche Assessment on John Godbolt.

My Victorian Style Player Shot.

My Victorian Style Player Shot.

The brief I had created was to produce a character look for TV, being filmed in 2003. The reason I chose to change my filming era was due to the fact that post 2005, HD netting would have been used. Pre 2005, HD TV was not used widespread and therefore more dated and thicker forms of net mesh would be used, such as the one available to us for use.

I decided to base my character on cricket player Billy Murdoch (though not the total look). As the TV production was to be set in 1981, Billy would have been around 37. 1981 Falls into the Victoria era, therefore the look was to also be of this period; meaning I needed to consider both historical fashion and ageing makeup in my final piece, as my model is currently 28 and of 21st Century appearance. In addition to this, environment and social influences would also need to be considered.


(Left Image: Van Loop Photography)

CREATING OLD AGED SKIN (28 aged to 37)

  1. Apply a light foundation. I used a wax palette from P.A.M. as its can be blended out to appear almost invisible, yet it still balances the subtle colour change. I used a slight green tint to colour correct undesirable red areas. I then used an HD makeup forever powder across the T-zone and cheekbones to protect against shine.
  2. Next, I used my Skin Illustrator palette to break up the youthful looking skin and create a more worn and broken down look. I added blue and green pigmentation across the skin to dull it, paying particular attention to the eyes, nose and under the cheekbones.

  3. Thirdly, I used my skin illustrator to emphasise John’s natural wrinkles, asking the model the scrunch his face so I could see where those would be. I used a blue/red/brown mix, blending out and then highlighting with the lightest colour in my palette
  4. I then added a red/orange pigmentation across the model’s upper cheeks and nose, to give the impression of a light sun-kiss, as his character regularly played cricket outdoors in the sun.
  5. I then added the pre-made moustache with spirit gum. I don’t think spirit gum works very well for this detailed work due to its colour and gloopy texture, in future I would use Pros-aide. I then styled the piece out, though I found this very hard with it being Yak hair, not human hair. I am not very happy with the overall finish, one side is thicker than the other and they are not evenly placed or styled – this need much practice but at least I got the colouring correct.
    Final Makeup

    Final Makeup
    Click for a larger Image!

    My next assessment will be Tuesday, with the beautiful Natasha modelling and amazing Scott Salt photographing her. Stay tuned!