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Slava’s Snow Show & The German Market

21 Nov

Today I finally endeavoured to attend the German Market! After two years of deliberation, I bought a salt lamp (this may be the longest I’ve ever taken to make a decision, it must have been an important one.)

John & I enjoying the Market.

John & I enjoying the Market.

They had a lovely carousel, however there was not time to play on this occasion, as after a single mulled wine we headed off to Sheffield to see Slava’s Snow Show at the Lyceum!

This was a great chance to catch up with a few friends that I don’t get to see much outside of work related events! Plus the show was absolutely brilliant, it was beautiful and I really enjoyed all the acts. I liked the way there wasn’t particular story line, more the observation of the clowns happenings and emotions. At the end they had these huge plastic balls and balloons, I actually hit a women over the head in accidental childlike excitement trying to grab them (sorry!)

The costumes and makeup were simple but quaint, and certainly worked in promoting each clowns personality and sentiments.

My favourite act in this performance was actually my least favourite act in the Cirque Du Soleil Show! In the Allegria show I just did not have a clue what was going on, in the Slava show, during the same performance I was feeling so much for the main clown, I had total emotional involvement with the scene!

Bubble Snow!

Bubble Snow!

I won’t spoil it for you by saying anymore, it is definitely worth seeing, I would go see it again. I adored the balance of dark moments and laughs, based on visual rather than audio. There is much to be said about silence.


Cirque Du Soleil – Alegria

27 Oct

I can’t believe I forgot to write about Cirque Du Soleil.

Managing to get a ticket for £30 thanks to John Godbolt, on 23/10/13 I went to see the most beautiful mind-blowing circus!

We ate in town then met friends for a couple of drinks while we waited for the enormous queue to go down. This is the first time I’d been to the Leeds arena since it opened in July this year. The outside of the building is pretty cool with its changing lights, though it’s light green-blue paint job leaves much to be desired. Inside feels quite like a warehouse – which I like, though I wonder if any of the rooms I didn’t see were plush in contrast.

The set up of the room we entered for a performance felt instantly like a bigtop space (although missing some colour in the decor obviously…) The set for the performers was beautiful though, with 4 exit/entrances, a sloping platform, secret trampolines, fire lit bandstand and projection lit surfaces.

The first half was fantastic, and I’ve got to say they had the funniest clowns I’ve ever seen, the one with orange hair had me in stitches. I won’t spoil any punchlines for you – all I’ll say is I never expect clowns to make me laugh but these guys were great.

During the interval we went to the merch shop, I was pretty disappointed with the designs, none really suited me so I saved some dollar. Although I did pick up a program as it was full of amazing costume and makeup inspiration.

I loved every single one of the performances, my favourite being the double contortion act, trampolinists and beam acrobats. After a couple of weeks of feeling lost, this certainly gave me the inspiration and kick that I needed. I would recommend seeing this show to anyone!