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Applying and Colouring a Foam Latex Piece.

13 May

Today I completed the final step of my fiberglass mould/foam latex piece process.

Having completed my hand and left it to set, I returned to apply it. Despite being stretched over the mould is did shrink slightly, however not too much that it couldn’t still be applied.

Being short on time and seeing as the hand had been cast from my own, I decided to just apply it to myself.  Unfortunately I’m right handed, and the piece was on my right hand; so I’d given myself a challenge.

I covered the area of my hand that would be touching the prosthetic in pros-aide, and then applied pros-aide to the piece. Once they had both become clear and tacky, I gently started from my finger tips and stretched the piece slowly over my hand. It stuck perfectly. As the edges were slightly too thick, I used pro-bondo (a thickened pros-aide) to smooth down and blend out the edges.


Once I had done this I had two colouring options. A) Illustrator (alcohol based paint) or, B) Pax paint (equal parts of pros-aide and acrylic paint). Having had more practice with the illustrator i decided to go for this – I couldn’t seem to mix the Pax to the colour I wanted. I layered up my illustrator colour with a stiff brush, spraying the colour across my hand, I then used a thin brush to accent the shadow and highlight around my circular edges.

Overall, I think I did okay to say I was painting with my left hand only, however I think  the colour had merged a lot and was not quite as bright and inky looking as I wanted – however it does correspond to my initial design.



Shoot: Beauty and the Beasts

13 Apr

Today I shot with Photographer Kate Love, we seem to have a love of abusing the beautiful Model; Alix Dent.


Check out Kate’s site here: http://misskatelove.tumblr.com/post/82509916610/i-shot-this-today-in-my-living-room-would-you

The theme of the shoot was beauty vs. unsightliness, to be created in a fashion/editorial style. I initially wanted to use old aged hands, using latex glove prosthetics; however the appliances had deteriorated by the time we got round to the shoot, so they had hardened and become more opaque.

Not worked!

Not Worked!

I took it off - start again!

I took it off – start again!

I instead decided to use Sculpt Gel for the one handed image, along with liquid latex, greasepaints, wound filler, blood and congealed blood. In my opinion the colouring is pretty shoddy, I’m really not good at this casualty style work and have no patience for it, as much as I continue to try. I just get frustrated with this type of mess. I much prefer the workshop FX. That said, the final images turned out well.

Sculpt Gel

Sculpt Gel

Below is the final image for the one hand shot. I quite like it, although you can’t actually really see the sculpt gel – maybe it needed more colouring. The hand doesn’t looked as strong on camera as it did on real life, it should have been old aged but it was hard to create the ageing in the sculpt gel, so I went for a more decayed but alive zombie look… having had inspiration for a development for a final image…

One Handed Shot

One Handed Shot

It seemed Kate and I were on the same wavelength, as she suggested using multiple hands; something I had been considering on the bus to the shoot! With the old aged thing failing, we decided to go for multiple decaying zombie hands, with Alix appearing to be captured by then. I made up kate’s little sister’s hands (who I had been giving a few quick lesson on FX), both of Alix’s hands and one of my own, before getting into position to take the shot.

Winner. One for the portfolio… I love Alix’s face.

Hair & Makeup: Victoria Stansfield Photography: Kate Love Model: Alix Dent

Hair & Makeup: Victoria Stansfield
Photography: Kate Love
Model: Alix Dent

Creating a Plastaline Sculpt for Sponged Liquid Latex

31 Mar

Creating a plastiline sculpt for sponging latex layers onto, is quite easy as a huge amount of detail is not needed due to the top layer being what will be on show to the viewer – not the detailed under layer. However, it is important to ensure strong definition to allow the shape of the sculpt to show though. Below is a quick explanation of sculpting onto a plaster cast using plastaline.


  • Plastaline
  • Your Plaster Cast
  • Vaseline & Brush
  • A selection of Sculpting Tools
  • Liquid Latex
  • A Hair Dryer
  • Talcum Powder &  Brush


  1. In order to create the sculpt, I found it was first best to create a smooth and even thin second skin for my hand in the area I would be wanting to create my sculpt – this would enable me to create small, smooth edges with my latex. I did this using plastaline, vaseline and a range of sculpt tools a long with a small paintbrush for the vaseline.
  2. 1080729_10152388398892664_1618850967_nNext, I created my plastaline sculpt, using small pieces of the clay to create shapes as per my designs, blending them into my second skin.
  3. I then vaselined my whole piece, to ensure the following liquid latex layers would not stick to my piece.
  4. Once my sculpt was completed and sealed, I added liquid latex layer by layer – using a hair-dryer in between, on a cool setting so as to not melt my plastaline and alter the sculpt shape.photo 2 (2)photo 1 (2)
  5. Having completed 7 layers of latex, leaving thinner areas around the edges, I peeled away my latex skin, powdering both the surface and underneath so they did not stick to one another.

    This image was taken 2 weeks after being produced.. it has gone hard and darker orange! I'm guessing the latex is deteriorating.


The above image was taken 2 weeks after being produced… it has gone hard and darker orange! I’m guessing the latex is deteriorating. I am shooting my piece this weekend so I will just need to perhaps alter my brief from “aged skinny hand” to “fantasy aged skin hand” unless I can colour correct it slightly.

I tried using this method with cap plastic, as cap plastic blends out much better than latex. This didn’t work – not even after moisture and release sealing my sculpt.

photo 1 (1)

Failed Cap Plastic Experiement

Failed Cap Plastic Experiement

Heres a shot of my ear sculpt so far, that I have been creating using the same method. This piece has been produced to match my foam latex hand for my final SFX piece.

Photo on 2014-04-09 at 13.31 #2

Dok Haze’s Circus of Horrors

25 Nov

On Sunday, I ventured down to London to see some lovely friends of mine; actually playing out for a change rather than working – I even got to finally attend the reggae roast night and had a delicious nut roast.

Monday arrived and it was time for the main event! Tash and I made it over to Piccadilly Circus just in time to see the show (following a session of hair highlights, a skill I’ve not practiced in a while.). Here I am with the show’s lorry before the event!



The initial section of the first half of the show had me slightly disappointed in the performance. Perhaps I’m just cynical but I didn’t really believe in the acts and it was a little brash for my taste. However, as the first half moved forward, the acts and attitudes progressed and my interest heightened.

I loved the second half. I absolutely loved the acrobats, they were amazing! I loved their skeleton act and didn’t want them to leave the stage. There was also a man who gave literally the most amazing balancing act I’ve ever seen, that man had SKILL! I won’t spoil any surprises, but its definitely worth hanging on in there with the expectations and there are certainly some skilled people in the show.



If you like your rock n’ roll and circus performance with a few cringey twists – I’d go see this for sure. I left the building happy; having had fun and singing their perfect ending tune. I even bought a hoodie. Back to Leeds at 8am.



A New Kind of Sunday.

10 Nov

Possibly for the first time in my adult life, I woke up at 5am on a Sunday – I usually work until 7am on Sundays, getting up in the dark rather than going to sleep in the light was a whole new experience.

Today I attended Sheffield Tattoo convention having been invited by my friend Anne Derbyshire, after putting out a call for tattooist recommendations. I set off at 6am, boarded the coach to Sheffield and made my way to Magna Science Museum. I went to the museum when I was younger and loved it, however, the past few times I have visited, it has been for Hard Dance events… so this was a quite different.


One of the zombie actors drives round in a hurst.. with zombies in it. Apparently he drives around in this all the time!





We went straight up to the backstage area, which had so much room! All the materials were provided and we set to work making up our actors for the day. As there were plenty of artists, I only ended up needing to do two! The first zombie did their own wax on the skull and brought a gauze eyepatch. I’ve not done this skull effect before, butI think it looks effective and is something to work on in the future.

Zombie 1

Zombie 1

Zombie 2

Zombie 2

We locked one in the light box. This was a creepy experience, it really set your imagination flowing with him screeching and scraping on the glass. Then some of the zombies attacked Johnny Matthews, the lovely gentleman putting the event on.

Trapped Zombie!

Trapped Zombie!



Once we had completed our actors’ makeups we headed downstairs to the Tattoo Expo, where I hung out with some Stormtroopers. Nice guys.

A little short for a Stormtrooper.

A little short for a Stormtrooper.

After some breakfast, I had a wander round, checking out all that was going on. I met these guys from “The gentleman’s retreat”; who were absolutely fantastic barbers! They even made their own aprons. This is the first time I have ever pondered how it might be cool to be male. They certainly provided me with inspiration for my postiche piece!



I also found this cool Star Wars metal sculpture…


I then started hunting for inspiration for my next tattoos, there were lots of great artists, my favourite being Charlotte Ross’s animal work – which was weird, as usually I only like monotone tattoos. I love ink and watercolour so her paintings really stood out to me. Charlotte has only been tattooing for 5 years, but once I’ve got through the list of tats now on their way, I shall be seeing her in a few years…

I took four of her business cards, though they don’t do her work justice (sorry charlotte, they were too pretty and I couldn’t afford a painting today!).

So pretty!

So pretty!

There was also an amazing portraiture guy. Though I’m not really into portraits on myself, I would certainly recommend him – as soon as I find his business card!

I did however buy one print from a stall… though Im keeping that a secret for now as it’s inspiration for my next thigh piece! After seeing all those artists and trying to find someone new, all it did was re-iterate to me how much I love Tom Ruki’s style. So go look though his work please and see how amazing he is. I’m going to have him working on my thigh and arm piece over the course of next year!


Overall verdict of the convention: wicked, very inspiring and it added perspective to my own ideas. I want to go to many more. However, I shouldn’t be allowed. I need to resist being covered before I’m even 30.

Walking round listening to so many needles is such torturous temptation.


30 Oct

So, it’s pretty much every makeup artists’ favourite time of year – Halloween! I’m back in London and very happy about that.

I thought I better get this post started now as I’m sure there is going to be a lot going on from now onwards. Its going to be a week filled with fun, friends, work and plenty of makeup.

Lets start with this awesome video by Happy Slap Boutique, based on one of our Boomtown Characters. Tickets for Boomtown go on sale tomorrow, don’t miss out!


I’m just off to meet Grace in Brixton for a video she’s working on – more on that later.

I’ve noticed a few MUAs doing the 31 days of Halloween, based on films. I totally missed this and am gutted as I need the practice – I’ll be doing it next year for sure. All is not lost however, next month I’ll just do my own version; 30 days of Sci-Fi maybe? Perhaps I can come back to the horror in a few months.

Okay so I’m back from Brixton now… the place we went was beautiful, it was called Cafe Cairo and it was FILLED with treasures! It was lovely, I’d love to go when it’s actually open and have some food there. The band (named Teddy) were lovely and oddly familiar (although I’m not sure why anything is “oddly” anymore) – I think theres some festival meetings gone on somewhere. I did some nail based assistance but I can tell you no more. Music video out december – I’ll add the link up on my wordpress.

Cafe Cairo Shoot

Cafe Cairo Shoot


Cafe Cairo Shoot

Cafe Cairo Shoot

check them out here: http://www.cafecairo.co.uk/visit-us.html

I was going to enjoy the delights of London tonight, however, seen as we got back late and it’s reading week (so I’m actually meant to be home doing work instead of in London), I thought it best I get on with some uni work – so responsible.

Plus I’m out tonight with friends for Halloween fun in Camden tomorrow night…


Today is Halloween!!

I had two makeup jobs today, number one was working for Henry’s in Green Park, making up the bar staff for their shift. This was a pretty easy job, general skulls, zombies and pretty witches with webs on their cheeks. It was quite nice being in Henrys again, it felt quite at home – I used to work for TCG in Leeds, working at Squares and Henrys quite a bit.

Job number two was for Civilised Mess, working for Cirque Le Soir – though it was prep work so I didn’t need to go into the club. Instead we worked at Lizzie’s new lovely house in Dalston with some tasty food. We applied prosthetics and painted up Lizzie and Gemma for the doll act. Grace gave me loads of tips to improve my application which was really helpful as we haven’t had chance to do much of this at uni yet (NB. slapping prosthetics covered in medical grade glue onto someone’s bum cheek is certainly funny but not really the right way).

The makeup took about 4 hours in total so we didn’t get home till 11pm. I was meant to go out to an event but it was sold out (and I ended up working longer). Having got home and finally accessed the laptop i realised I had to make the decision to stay in so I can get to work tomorrow! It’s okay, I’ll celebrate halloween tomorrow night. If I don’t have more work.

Makeup: Victoria Stansfield

Makeup: Victoria Stansfield


Makeup: Victoria Stansfield & Grace McComisky

Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 09.17.41

Halloween gash!
Makeup: Grace McComisky

Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 09.17.37

Makeup: Victoria Stansfield & Grace McComisky

Oh and by the way I have seen some pretty AMAZING videos by my fellow friends and colleagues at Happy Slap Boutique and Civilised Mess today! Very inspiration and coming to you very soon!


Friday’s job didn’t start until 5pm, so I spent the majority of the day doing essay work. I would have liked to have done some postiche but I didn’t have any netting! When the time to leave rolled around, I set off to meet Grace in Maida Vale to paint up six guys going to Pacha. They offered us Gin and tickets to go with them but there was barely time to stop with the amount of painting needed to be done. We did some quick skeleton/muscle paintings with lots of cuts and slashes and they set off to their night.

The boys before they went out.

The boys before they went out.





Following a week of work, i finally went off to have some fun of my own with the lovely Lizzy Bee, going to a party at a warehouse space in Hackney Wick. We walked home the morning after to Homerton and spent the saturday carving some pumpkins.

Our creation.

Our creation.


Having caught up with a little sleep I rushed back to Wood Green to pick up my kit, then onward to Oxford Circus to work for Cirque Le Soir, making up their performers for the night. Cirque Le Soir is a luxury basement club, with only one room but it’s really winding and oddly shaped so makes for a good space.There is also loads of nooks and crannies for performers to set up, scaring anyone that dares to come round their corner. They have other exclusive venues in Shanghai and Dubai, hosting a range of acts that bring something different to the clubbing scene and and attracting celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Usher and many more.

My talented friend Steph (Aurora Starr) working at Cirque Le Soir Dubai

My talented friend Steph (Aurora Starr) working at Cirque Le Soir Dubai.

Check the club out here:


I worked with two other makeup artists creating a range of ripper victims, slashed up girls, zombies and beauty makeups. All the performers were really lovely, I’d like to work with them again. I would have liked to have stayed longer and check out more of the night but I really was too shattered to do anything except sleep.



I finished work around 00.15 and managed to catch the last tube back home to Wood Green, filled out my invoices and then crashed.


Sunday is home time. Having part-recovered from the previous few nights adventures and realising I’ve barely eaten with all thats been going on, it’s time to go home and get ready for uni tomorrow.

I think this halloween has gone brilliantly and I definitely made the right choice to come down to London for it. I’ve also decided I want to live in Hackney when I move down here. I like the area and feel at home; I seem to spend most of my time around there! Unless i get into uni, then I’ll have to be close to that!

Goodbye London, goodbye halloween. I’ll be back at the end of november to go see Circus of Horrors!

Teaching Makeup

29 Oct

Recently I have found myself teaching lots of people bits of makeup; be it people who are generally interested in doing makeup, do face painting at events, or performers seeking to improve their act.

Initially, I was cautious of sharing, cautious of adding competition to an already saturated industry. However, I quickly came to realise that what ever you want from the world, is what you should be giving yourself – why stifle happiness, progress and art when you can help spread it! I think having positive faith in the world and the depth of people is important, in fact it’s a view that is vital to my mental well being. Look after the world and it will look after you.

So, recently I’ve been teaching both John Godbolt and Sophia Weatley (Bella Trix) some performance makeup, so they can do it themselves when on the job. The simplest of tips can make something so much better! In return I’ve been receiving stilt and hoops lessons – and I am improving for sure, it’s exciting stuff! I’ll be posting videos up as soon as I can get something good (or at least entertaining) sorted.

Here are Jon’s makeup efforts from last week’s lesson:


Makeup by John Godbolt

Makeup by John Godbolt

Makeup by John Godbolt

If anyone ever wants help with something they enjoy doing, please just get in touch and I will be more than happy to help. I have found Facebook is a great way to ask for/give advice!

Anyway. I think all I’m trying to say with this one is don’t keep your knowledge all locked up and to yourself. Spread it around as someone did for you and you’re sure to find yourself and your world much richer for it.