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Men’s Hair – Round Two!

8 Feb

As you may have seen previously, I had my first go at cutting men’s hair a few weeks ago.

So now after being asked many times by my housemate, I have summoned the courage to cut his hair. I’m quite pleased with it but I am looking forward to asking my resident (and the best) Hairdresser in the North, Jon Kinsey how I can make it better, in particular how to section the hair on top as I kind of just winged it on existing relative knowledge. I would also like to know how to graduate the hair better.

I have recently been informed it’s pretty damn crucial to have a barbering qualification in order to get on good jobs, sooo I guess I’ll be approaching that once I’ve done uni, or maybe an evening course depending upon how it works. I’m sure my male friends will be very pleased for me.

For your delight:

Oli's hair. (Second Men's Haircut)

Oli’s hair. (Second Men’s Haircut)


COD & Bruises.

15 Nov

So… it’s not all bad having a boyfriend and bro in law obsessed with COD.

COD addicts.

Realising I have my FX kit and I have a tonne to practice, I check out what I actually brought with me. The best answer to this question: Bruise gels and a bruise wheel. (I’m missing latex/gelatine so that rules pretty much everything else out.)

My bruises to date have been really flat – I have also realise due to paranoia about blending my every day makeup out, I now have a slight obsession with blending everything out. Whilst this can be great, it’s not always the effect I want or need. So today’s practice is centered around textures and creating 3D imagery with 2D products.

So here is my greasepaint bruise:

Greasepaint Bruise

And here is my bruise gel bruise:

Close up Bruise Gel Bruise

Bruise Gel Bruise

The best new technique I found with both materials, was to use the yellows first to create a bruise area to work on – I think this added to the depth of my bruises and most bruises I have seen that are broken in colours seem to have a hint of yellow in them, even if only very slight.

My greasepaint work has improved since last time – however as I did not focus on what had made the impact, I do not feel that my work reflects a realistic bruise.

And, as Jeff said in the first bruise lesson… people turn to bruise gel. I now love the stuff after creating this piece. I was looking to create a bruise that had perhaps been made by a hollow pole, with more pressure towards the lower side – and I think I achieved this, I am really proud of this one! I actually messed it up several times but managed to salvage it each time, adding layer upon layer and then taking away from som parts to create a swollen area. I also found a new technique using my brush & fingers to create broken blood vessels. I love it! I learnt I don’t need to be afraid to use quite solid lines!

I think I did better in this practice because again, I have been looking at pictures. I’m developing a pattern here!
Next loan : Medial books.