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Reflection and Photography

3 May

I dream of travelling the world, meeting people from every corner and widening my reality.

I want to understand people’s faces, I want to learn about people not just from their words, but from what I see and experience. I feel through excessive use of media my senses have become dulled to the world around me. I have spent hours and hours in from of my laptop, often living what I see as an almost purely synthetic existence. Don’t get me wrong – the internet is a vast melting pot of useful information and inspiration to be seized, but what and I really gaining from the experience? Could I be spending my time on this earth better?

Being an individual who’s every action depends upon intensive gut feelings, I think perhaps the reason my life sometimes feels so empty, is because I am not listening to what my mind and soul are asking for. Vivid, interactive personal experience.

Day 01. PHOTOGRAPHER: Victoria Stansfield

Day 01.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Victoria Stansfield

When considering my art, within the fashion industry I have found makeup can be quite passive – and is often dictated by someone else. I myself am a result of media contortion and am often incredibly self objective, as are many other women (and men). I do not want to be part of an industry in which women are made to feel uncomfortable with themselves and their lives. I watched a great Ted Talk my friend Steph posted up and it summarises these issues well. Take a look….

Whilst working within the fashion industry, we feel are creating something beautiful, but in actual fact we are producing only destruction. We are crushing the self confidence of millions of women, debilitating their daily lives and increasing self hate and jealousy. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Is this really how we think we should be acting and feeling? Is there not something better for us out there?

I feel by doing any kind of fashion makeup, I am tearing myself away from the path towards my mountain (thanks for the advice Gaiman!) – both morally and artistically. I feel I have been easily led into fashion by the promise of instantaneous reward, particularly in monetary terms. However, despite the draw, I am to stop taking part in this game and follow what is true to myself, now focussing on my workshop practice (the SFX discipline I most enjoy), along with performance work.

Day 02. PHOTOGRAPHER: Victoria Stansfield

Day 02.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Victoria Stansfield

Back to the photography side of this post.

I want to really focus on life, I want to get out there, see it, do it, capture it. I have decided to get back into photography. My main interest is within documentary, journalistic and portraiture photography – but I’m not going to focus on that too much whilst I learn to use my camera again. I feel by doing this I will train myself to look closer into what is around me and re-connect with people – or even just learn to connect as I am a child of the social media technology era and have grown up plugged in.

From now on, you shall be getting more mini-updates, as I invite you to share in my life adventure, one photo at a time.

I cant promise they’ll all be wonderful, but everyone starts somewhere. It’s just where it takes you along the way that is what matters.

I implore you do do something that will take you to new places, and fill your heart with light and happiness.
Look beyond your computer screen and reach to the world outside.

Day 03. PHOTOGRAPHER: Victoria Stansfield

Day 03.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Victoria Stansfield

Teaching Makeup

29 Oct

Recently I have found myself teaching lots of people bits of makeup; be it people who are generally interested in doing makeup, do face painting at events, or performers seeking to improve their act.

Initially, I was cautious of sharing, cautious of adding competition to an already saturated industry. However, I quickly came to realise that what ever you want from the world, is what you should be giving yourself – why stifle happiness, progress and art when you can help spread it! I think having positive faith in the world and the depth of people is important, in fact it’s a view that is vital to my mental well being. Look after the world and it will look after you.

So, recently I’ve been teaching both John Godbolt and Sophia Weatley (Bella Trix) some performance makeup, so they can do it themselves when on the job. The simplest of tips can make something so much better! In return I’ve been receiving stilt and hoops lessons – and I am improving for sure, it’s exciting stuff! I’ll be posting videos up as soon as I can get something good (or at least entertaining) sorted.

Here are Jon’s makeup efforts from last week’s lesson:


Makeup by John Godbolt

Makeup by John Godbolt

Makeup by John Godbolt

If anyone ever wants help with something they enjoy doing, please just get in touch and I will be more than happy to help. I have found Facebook is a great way to ask for/give advice!

Anyway. I think all I’m trying to say with this one is don’t keep your knowledge all locked up and to yourself. Spread it around as someone did for you and you’re sure to find yourself and your world much richer for it.

Art Focus: Art Nouveau

27 Sep

More mind-mending art is needed today, as work last night was rough! Today I have decided to focus on Art Nouveau, another artistic style close to my heart.

Art Nouveau, meaning “new art” was most popular in 1890-1910, and is a style of art concerned with both applied and decorative arts it is known as a total style, due to being used in many different forms of art; such as architecture for buildings, metal work for cutlery, paintwork for wall hangings or glass shaping for lighting.

A French Metro Station

A French Metro Station

This art practice is predominantly influenced by themes of nature; using a combination of rhythmic flowing curved lines, flowers, plants and other natural structures to create movement and vision. I find this is why I am drawn to the Art Nouveau style, having always accidentally or subconsciously routed my work in nature. No pun intended.

 I am particularly fond of Art Nouveau within graphic arts, such as within drawing, painting, printmaking, serigraphy and lithography – areas I specialized in during my BTEC foundation Art and Design degree.

 Art Nouveau origins can be found in the works of William Morris, though it is commonly accepted the first true representation of the art style can be found on the cover of Arthur Macmurdo’s book, “Wren’s City Churched” (1883)

 Alphonse Mucha, a Czech Art Nouveau painter, produced posters advertising the French Gismonda play in 1895, which spread the art style far and wide across Europe and it became popular amongst many. The magazine Jugend particularly helped the spread the art across Germany using it’s front covers. Both these outlets of creativity promoted a flat line of sight with contrasting planes to create intricate patterned yet bold images which have now become hugely popular today, with many re-print posters of his designs being sold; I have four or five on my own walls!

Mucha Poster for "Gismonda"

Mucha Poster for “Gismonda”

A very well known and popular piece of 19th Century Art Nouveau graphic art can be seen in a poster created by Theophile Steinlen, who produced the “La Tournee du Chat Noir avec Rodolphe Salis” poster, advertising what is thought to be the first cabaret club, located in the Montmarte district of Paris.

When I visit Paris in December I shall be looking to find lots of interesting Art Nouveau inspiration – and hopefully some new work to take home with me too!

I was literally just talking to my photographer Scott Salt about recreating some of the Alphonse work, describing to him exactly the type of model I wanted to use… and then she just went and magically added me on Facebook as a random networking contact. I love the world.

Art Focus: Hyperralism.

26 Sep

Today I am recovering from a super long shift at work, with another to be had later. The path I have chosen to sooth my soul, includes checking out some mind mending art!

I have decided to look into hyperrealism, because these works always blow my mind. An incredible amount of time, skill and talent is needed to create such detailed and specific pieces, pieces which i cannot imagine producing in my wildest dreams! (although, with aspirations of becoming a special effects artist, it is something i am working towards!)

Hyperrealism is a visual art form that evolved in the United States and Europe in the early 2000’s, it’s name refers to creations that are photorealistic – often being drawn in oil or pencil. Subjects range from buildings to people and focus on meticulous detail rather than producing exact copies of the subject. Denis Peterson is a pioneer of this art movement, crafting incredible paintings.

One of my favourite Hyperrealistic artists is Makeup Artist, Kazuhiro Tsuji – I met him at the IMATS, London and he was a lovely, humble guy. He is soon to be leaving the film industry to create these truly outstanding works of art. Below are his awesome sculpted SFX recreations of Abe Lincoln and fellow makeup artist/mentor to Tsuji, Dick Smith.

I’m re-looking over pages now and I simply just cannot comprehend some of this work! Whilst I’m sure most works were created from sight, such as still life or a photograph; i love the idea of creating something real – thats isn’t. I think thats essentially what life is, our belief of what we are experiencing and what we can see. Bending our view can only stretch it further!

Here are some more absolutely unbelievable works!

Many exciting things are coming up – though this seems to be the usual now. My life  seems to be steadily speeding up like a roller coaster ride, crashing though life. it’s fantastic, I feel like a sponge soaking up the world and its dreams and to be honest there is no better feeling.

I’ve allowed myself a holiday. I know? crazy! I will be going to Paris, France to couch surf for the week and have some locals show me some music and art to make my eyes, ears and heart sing. I love Paris in winter, it’s magical.

WBL Year Two: The importance of Social Media

24 Sep

In year two we are required to continue to write our blog as part of our work based learning module.

This section is included in our module due to the increasing popularity and remarkable usefulness of social media platforms to promote and gather business and spread the word of one’s work.

For every person on the internet right now, 1 in 7 of those are on Facebook; that’s a huge amount of traffic and down to just one social media website. These networks provide an extended reach to those we may never have 1:1 contact with, enabling our services to be promoted across the world to an enormous variety of possible customers and followers. Advertising a business in this way is also hugely cost effective; with lost cost “boost” options also available to use, promoting business information to relevant individuals.

If taking Facebook and WordPress (or any other blogging site) as our primary examples, we are able measure who is looking at our pages; such as from what area of whatever country they are from. We can find out the age range, sex and other interests of our interested users. Furthermore, we can find out which of our posts are getting the most interaction and find out what time people are looking at our pages, empowering us to project relevant materials at most advantageous times – something almost impossible to measure in other media advertising formats.



Social media sites are fantastic for permitting us to actively interact with our followers, engaging in conversation about our work and finding out not only what people like about it, but also how we can improve our method of working. This allows for rapid development, as people are often willing to give their honest opinion via the Internet. This kind of collaboration can also give a company a face and a voice, acting on personal level and constructing levels of trust and individual relationships, rather giving the appearance of a faceless corporation that is not concerned with it’s clients. Acting on this level also promotes advocates of business; with people taking it upon themselves to directly post about your company, spreading your word even further afield.

Networking sites are also a primary links to home websites, often where more detailed information is held about the business. By having this easy link, website traffic is increased and lengthened as users are more interested in what the site has to say. Increasing traffic can also be done via “Newsjacking” on your page or site; this refers to using interesting relative stories to boost page interaction. By creating your own interesting posts/videos/images, it is additionally possible that they will go viral and increase your visits by possibly thousands and millions of audiences. It is near impossible to do this without social media networking.

Social media is also a pretty fun was of advertising, it allows us to show our work to those that want to see it – and that feels great!

Check out my Facebook page @

Makeup Artist Research.

14 Feb


So I have been researching makeup artists for my PDP essay (we have to write about two of them) and I have come across loads of brilliant ones so I just wanted to list my top 10 here for you to check out! There are tonnes more that could be added I’m sure, but here is a good set for you!

In no particular order:

  • Christopher Nelson
  • Kazuhiro Tsuji
  • Kristina Vidic
  • Ve Neill
  • Pat Mcgrath
  • Giuseppe Cannas
  • Lisa Westcott
  • Ellis Faas
  • Ken Diaz
  • Alex Box.

I’ll do a post on the top two I write out soon, it should help me for my essay too. 🙂