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Bonfire Night/Media & Postiche Progression.

7 Nov

This week it was Bonfire night!

I have fond memories of attending bonfire night celebrations when I was younger. I think it’s something to do with fire and a undertone of anarchy – plus the mixture of cold blasts and red hot heat across your face. I always enjoy watching firework displays, the bigger the better. They’re even more spectacular when choreographed, sending you into trance, like a deer in headlights.

Standard Firework Picture.

Standard Firework Picture.

Each year, Leeds University Circus Society do some fire performance, although this year I didn’t feel quite confident enough, it’s been a couple of years since I played with fire. Next bonfire night I will be performing for sure, perhaps in London!

In work related news, I have been progressing with my media and PDP work, I’m trying really hard to not allow the amount of work I have to do stress me out and keep to the thought that so long as I’m doing some kind of work, I’m moving forwards. I’ve been creating mood boards, drawings and tonight I did some mini makeup practice for my task three character.

Using Lara as my model, as she it up north (or in the North of England as I was corrected today) for the weekend, I set to work on an initial test piece for the Task Three makeup. This makeup will be for an acrobat character, starring in a film piece. There is much more I would like to do with this, with some added complexities to stretch my skills. I didn’t touch the skin and instead focused on the eye design. I like it, but I feel there is something missing – fake eyelashes for a start. More research and experimentation to be done.



I also created V for Vendetta makeup on Bonfire night, but as I had just missed the daylight and I was in a rush to get to piano/boxing (and didn’t fancy going with makeup on), I didn’t manage to get a worthy enough picture. I have also been totally failing with my 30 days of Sci-Fi, this time of year is so busy; I’ve decided to save that for January when everything slows down. I will however be still trying to do daily makeups to encourage my creative flow and not get too enslaved by academic work.


Art Focus: Art Nouveau

27 Sep

More mind-mending art is needed today, as work last night was rough! Today I have decided to focus on Art Nouveau, another artistic style close to my heart.

Art Nouveau, meaning “new art” was most popular in 1890-1910, and is a style of art concerned with both applied and decorative arts it is known as a total style, due to being used in many different forms of art; such as architecture for buildings, metal work for cutlery, paintwork for wall hangings or glass shaping for lighting.

A French Metro Station

A French Metro Station

This art practice is predominantly influenced by themes of nature; using a combination of rhythmic flowing curved lines, flowers, plants and other natural structures to create movement and vision. I find this is why I am drawn to the Art Nouveau style, having always accidentally or subconsciously routed my work in nature. No pun intended.

 I am particularly fond of Art Nouveau within graphic arts, such as within drawing, painting, printmaking, serigraphy and lithography – areas I specialized in during my BTEC foundation Art and Design degree.

 Art Nouveau origins can be found in the works of William Morris, though it is commonly accepted the first true representation of the art style can be found on the cover of Arthur Macmurdo’s book, “Wren’s City Churched” (1883)

 Alphonse Mucha, a Czech Art Nouveau painter, produced posters advertising the French Gismonda play in 1895, which spread the art style far and wide across Europe and it became popular amongst many. The magazine Jugend particularly helped the spread the art across Germany using it’s front covers. Both these outlets of creativity promoted a flat line of sight with contrasting planes to create intricate patterned yet bold images which have now become hugely popular today, with many re-print posters of his designs being sold; I have four or five on my own walls!

Mucha Poster for "Gismonda"

Mucha Poster for “Gismonda”

A very well known and popular piece of 19th Century Art Nouveau graphic art can be seen in a poster created by Theophile Steinlen, who produced the “La Tournee du Chat Noir avec Rodolphe Salis” poster, advertising what is thought to be the first cabaret club, located in the Montmarte district of Paris.

When I visit Paris in December I shall be looking to find lots of interesting Art Nouveau inspiration – and hopefully some new work to take home with me too!

I was literally just talking to my photographer Scott Salt about recreating some of the Alphonse work, describing to him exactly the type of model I wanted to use… and then she just went and magically added me on Facebook as a random networking contact. I love the world.

Art Focus: Hyperralism.

26 Sep

Today I am recovering from a super long shift at work, with another to be had later. The path I have chosen to sooth my soul, includes checking out some mind mending art!

I have decided to look into hyperrealism, because these works always blow my mind. An incredible amount of time, skill and talent is needed to create such detailed and specific pieces, pieces which i cannot imagine producing in my wildest dreams! (although, with aspirations of becoming a special effects artist, it is something i am working towards!)

Hyperrealism is a visual art form that evolved in the United States and Europe in the early 2000’s, it’s name refers to creations that are photorealistic – often being drawn in oil or pencil. Subjects range from buildings to people and focus on meticulous detail rather than producing exact copies of the subject. Denis Peterson is a pioneer of this art movement, crafting incredible paintings.

One of my favourite Hyperrealistic artists is Makeup Artist, Kazuhiro Tsuji – I met him at the IMATS, London and he was a lovely, humble guy. He is soon to be leaving the film industry to create these truly outstanding works of art. Below are his awesome sculpted SFX recreations of Abe Lincoln and fellow makeup artist/mentor to Tsuji, Dick Smith.

I’m re-looking over pages now and I simply just cannot comprehend some of this work! Whilst I’m sure most works were created from sight, such as still life or a photograph; i love the idea of creating something real – thats isn’t. I think thats essentially what life is, our belief of what we are experiencing and what we can see. Bending our view can only stretch it further!

Here are some more absolutely unbelievable works!

Many exciting things are coming up – though this seems to be the usual now. My life  seems to be steadily speeding up like a roller coaster ride, crashing though life. it’s fantastic, I feel like a sponge soaking up the world and its dreams and to be honest there is no better feeling.

I’ve allowed myself a holiday. I know? crazy! I will be going to Paris, France to couch surf for the week and have some locals show me some music and art to make my eyes, ears and heart sing. I love Paris in winter, it’s magical.

Bradford Film Festival

11 May

To be completed


Portraits – Mark Laita

1 May

This morning I came across this website.

I thought the pictures (by Mark Laita) were really interesting and beautiful so thought you might like to take a look 🙂

I found them really thought provoking due to their highly emotional nature, and sense of comparison between the two individuals – despite their equal creation.

Here are a couple of preview shots…

UMAe (United Makeup Artists Expo)

8 Apr

This weekend I took a trip to the United Makeup Artists Expo. in London.

This was kind of a smaller, less commercial version of the IMATS is promoted more towards makeup artists in particular. Whilst the variety in products available was much smaller and the demos were not as informative of differing from the ones I had seen at the IMATS, what I did enjoy was the fact that all the artists were much more talkative and I felt as ease to ask questions of anyone – even of those superstar idol makeup artists! It was great to really get to know more about these artists and I found a much more personal and alternate view of the industry could be found here.

It was thanks to Steven Murphy and PS Composities I was able to get hold of a free ticket! Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have been able to make it! The were doing some amazing sculpts and prosthetic pieces and it was really interesting to watch.

PS Composites Piece

PS Composites Piece

PS Composites Piece

PS Composites Piece

There were loads of body paints going on, however most not to my taste. However, I did like this one and although simple it gave me some great idas for pieces of my own!

Pretty Bodypaint

Pretty Bodypaint

Pretty Bodypaint.

Pretty Bodypaint.

Whilst I mention the smaller variety in products, PAM were there and they shall not be attending the IMATS! Sadly I did not have as much money as I would liked to have spend.. but when do we ever!

Another top brand to mention would be Ben NYE. Dana Nye even gave us a mix of samples to use following his presentation of a Demo by Helsinki Artist,  Miia Ollula (who was absolutely lovely!). I love the products of theirs I have tried but the presents he gave us as also fantastic. I’ll be doing a test and report post soon enough!

Makeup by Miia Ollula

Makeup by Miia Ollula

Hair and Makeup by an Artist at Ben Nye - I couldn't find out who!

Hair and Makeup by an Artist at Ben Nye – I couldn’t find out who!

Hair and Makeup by an Artist at Ben Nye - I couldn't find out who!

Hair and Makeup by an Artist at Ben Nye – I couldn’t find out who!

Overall I think it was a great event and will be back next year for sure, I think that next year it will be even better and there will be many more people. I’m also going to apply for the competition – I should have done so this year but didn’t think I was good enough. More confidence needed as I think I would have done well!

Drugs Abuse Makeup – Further Research

28 Feb

Being a couple of days since I found this link, I’m not really sure how I came across it. But I thought it was worth noting in relation to the drug abuse work I’ve been doing recently… take a look!

Although a few of the effects will have been done in photoshop, the drugs effects themselves have mainly been created using makeup – I do think some of the look quite makeup but this could just be due to the high definition style of imagery. Overall looks pretty interesting.