About Me

I currently study at Bradford College, I am doing a two year foundation degree in Makeup Artistry and Makeup Special Effects, I intend to do my final year top up in Makeup for TV and Film at the London College of Fashion.

I am based in Leeds and work mainly in this area however I love travelling all over to work on exciting projects in all areas of makeup, I especially love visiting London. I work with a company called Happy Slap Makeup Boutique (find a link for this on my links tab) who are SO awesome. Find us at a festival near you soon!

I like to think of myself as an academic artist. I love reading and writing essays and believe this is one of the main fuels for my interest in the production of new and unique creations , flowing from my own imagination. I am inspired by human interaction and emotions when dealing with their surroundings and I draw upon my own experiences to create meaningful and expressive art.

My favourite focus is dark yet beautiful subjects, extracting evil and bringing it to the surface, or taking something dark and manipulating it’s cover. I love watching films, I like a lot of intense and gritty films. Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy are in my dreams along with Heath Ledger’s Joker (RIP). Nolan’s Batman trilogy has got to be my favourite trilogy ever made. Clowns fascinate me.

Watch this space!


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