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Photo Shoot: Experimenting with Editorial Fashion Looks and Natural Makeup

31 May

This shoot was created to enable us to all develop our own artistic skills and have a play with colour and natural makeup.

Our intent was to experiment with producing editorial style images, which I think we achieved. The shoot was done at short notice with little-no planning so next time I think we will be able to home in on that editorial style.

Great shoot all round, learnt so much and it was brilliant to work with these guys. 🙂

Alix & Abi

Alix & Abi












Photo Shoot: Funtime Bathtime!

29 May

Yesterday I worked with the amazing Scott Salt (Photographer) and Little Sofi (Model) and we carried out some bath based fun.

Here is a little teaser shot for you…

Creative Lip Practice Day!

21 May

Today I was supposed to be doing a fashion shoot, however my beautiful model is in hospital. 😦

So, to cheer myself up today, I’ve decided to focus on developing my creative lip work – because… why not!


Black lipstick with fine glitters.

More details on each look later. This is just to ease the writing length later…


Black lipstick with metallic powders.

Gold textured lips.

Gold textured lips.

I don’t know what it is about being tipsy; but it being the reason my career commenced, I can’t argue. Plus I couldn’t do ombre lips during the sober day so… here you go.

Red/white ombre lips.

Red/white ombre lips.


Photo Shoot: Experimenting with Fashion Shots!

16 May

Yesterday I was in the studio again, doing hair and makeup for two of my favourite people, Alix Dent and Lunar Rising!

We met up with photographer Anthony Roberts for a fashion based experimental shoot and got some GORGEOUS images! I’ll be able to show you these in a few weeks, but for now – here’s a little taster!


We went into the studio with suitcases full of clothes and bags of shoes and makeup, not having a clue what we were going to shoot. We managed to get four different looks (which i will explain more about once we have images) and ended up with ideas pouring out and bouncing off each other – we have at least 4 more ideas we will be revisiting to shoot in the coming weeks!

Such a great team! Can’t wait to work with them again.

Photo Shoot: Leeds College of Art Final Year Fashion Projects.

14 May

Had an AWESOME day today, working in the studio wth the teachers and 3rd year fashion students at Leeds College of Art, plus the hairdressers/stylsts from BHP Hairdressing, fellow MUA Liz Buff, and stylist/art director Tracey from 24 Number Twenty Four! (Along with the photographer Tom, who I don’t currently have details for!)

10 Looks between Liz and I, I think! With 5 models (one change each). It was fantastic working with such a great collective of creative people, it was the smoothest shoot I have ever done – no tears, no stress, someone always on camera and pretty much always someone in the hair/makeup seats (oh and the lunch spread was so yummy! Whilst garlic olives aren’t great for 1-2-1 work, we all ate them and they were TASTY! Good job I always take mints to shoots…). I can’t wait to work with the Uni again on this project. It was fantastic to meet so many new people, most/all of which I shall be seeing again for further work!

Oh AND my historical fashion came into practice. In my head I was silently like YES I SO know what I’m doing! This included having to touch on 60’s and Georgian fashion inspirations (and being told to stay away from Egyptian fashions, made me realise sometimes it’s good to know what to stay away from!)

Sadly you’ll have to wait for more information and pictures from this shoot too… but here is a VERY sneaky peek at the dressing/green room!


Photo Shoot: Piers van Looy’s “Contemporary Circus”

13 May

I actually love not being at uni, I have been able to get involved in so many more creative projects!

Today’s work was based around Pier’s photography degree, focussing on contemporary circus of today. I wasn’t able to do much planning as is was very last minute, more of a turn up, on the spot lets get creative and see what happens sort of deal! It was also to be quite time limited which I find hard to do – especially when making things up as I go along!

The first makeup I did was with Rowan, inspired by a dark gypsy look. I would have liked to research this piece more in particular as I feel I could have done something more amazing – but this is pretty standard of any initial, undeveloped piece. I think it turned out well and suited the character. I am getting more more confident at applying bases and eye makeup; having pushed myself to focus on gaining confidence with lips and eyebrows,  I am now returning to the areas I thought I was better at to improve them too!

Whilst this piece was being shot I was out of the room doing GiedrÄ— – I have realised I should have taken 5 minutes to check the making on camera as on having checked afterwards, the cheek colour was coming up to be very contrasting and not quite as smooth as in ‘real life’ this can be easily sorted out with editing but reminded me to always check before the shoot commences.

I wouldn’t usually use these lashes, as I prefer a more natural look – even when using big ones. But this is what we had on the day.

Rowan Thomson - Gypsy inspired makeup.

Rowan Thomson – Gypsy inspired hair & makeup.

The next piece I did was with GiedrÄ— in a more acrobatic/Circ De Soleil style. She reminded me a little of my love, Yolandi Vi$$er – singer in Die Antword who I would LOVE to look like. She was great at posing so I think I’ll be stealing her for some more work if she doesn’t mind!

Again, I would have preferred to have more time planning this image, plus my own head was planning the pictures I’d like to do with her so I was trying to detract away from that and keep to the brief, whilst still creating from inspiration drawn from her face. Excited for (hopefully) my next shoot with her!

GiedrÄ— wanted me to focus more on her forehead area, which pushed me to experiment where I wouldn’t usually work so much on its own. I wanted to keep her eyes very bare as I like this more raw, soft look.

GiedrÄ— DegutytÄ— - Acrobatic/Circ De Soleil inspired hair and makeup.

GiedrÄ— DegutytÄ— – Acrobatic/Circ De Soleil inspired hair and makeup.

PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR FINAL IMAGES! It may be a couple of weeks!

To speak to Piers about photography, please just message him! I’m not sure if he has a website yet, so for now – here is his Facebook!

Airbrush: Taking the first step.

12 May

Ok, this one is pretty much purely evidence for uni to show I have conquered whatever it was that meant my airbrush has been in my cupboard unused for the past few months.

So, thought it looked tricky to perfect? You’re not wrong; although, I have never used it before – so works of art are not to be expected! I only had 20min to fill so there isn’t much detailed experimentation. The airbrush and paint I am using is by Mistair – we got it at a reduced price when they came in to uni to speak to us. Horrah!

I used the darkest foundation colour I had so:
A. I could see it on my super white skin.
B. Its the colour least likely to be used in my near future work.

So heres some examples for you, I played with patterns and shading. Whilst not the best work I have ever done first time, I feel I have broken the barrier and could build a decent relationship with my airbrush. I’ll be coming back to my airbrush as I think I’ll be needing it for my SFX project…

IMG_1254 IMG_1255

A few hours later and I can’t contain myself…

I have decided that the airbrush is just going to take too long and cost too much for my SFX project. This conclusion is based on speaking to Stephen and Grace, and practicing on my own face.

However, I tried some other bits out too. First of all I tried to do a high contrast contour piece – such as something that could be used for theatre. Not bad a for a first go! It looks a bit weird without the other features being completed.

Contouring in a more theatrical style using an airbrush.

Contouring in a more theatrical style using an airbrush.

Secondly I tried to do my own foundation/blush/contour – the colours are a bit off but it looks ok and helped me practise. That pink is ridiculously pink ha! I added mascara/some brows/lipstick for a more completed look this time. My skin feels super shiny, so next time if using an airbrush for my normal makeup, I’d probably powder it to some degree.

Airbrush base/contour/blush.

Airbrush base/contour/blush.