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The Wet Spot: Burlesque Cabaret Night

23 Mar

Last weekend I did the makeup for three lovely girls before they headed off to The Wet Spot, a burlesque/cabaret night in Leeds. I brought the talented and trusty Lara Armaghan to take pictures for me and enjoy the evening!

The girls were so lovely – they supplied the food & drinks and bought me a ticket to go to the night with them which was fantastic.  I’ve been doing Danielle’s hair for a while so it was nice to do something different with her!

I’ve realised I should have done 50s for one of my media coursework pieces seen as it’s come up so much! Though I suppose there is time to change my final piece! I might do a georgian/50’s twist. Here is a little taster of what I got up to:



I think this one worked out great (though it is heading a little 30s!), her hair was quite short but I think I pulled it off! I used bendy rollers in her hair before styling, though the ones at the back dropped out. Time ran out so I couldn’t do anything with the parts that had dropped but I think it still works. The eyeliner is a bit questionable… I have discovered it’s much harder on other people. Overall though this was my favourite piece, I think her face really suits this look.


Fantasy Face-painting

23 Mar

Looming deadlines? Lets do some random painting/hairdressing instead.

MUA Victoria StansfieldMODEL Lara ArmaghanPHOTOGRAPHY: Joint effort.

HAIR (cut/colour/styling) & MUA Victoria Stansfield
MODEL Lara Armaghan
PHOTOGRAPHY: Joint effort.

I firstly bleached out Lara’s roots, then to create this makeup I used Wolfe paints and I little bit of eyeshadow. Once we had done the above shot we coloured Lara’s hair a lovely Blue/Turquoise 🙂

Hair Cut/Colouring: Victoria Stansfield

Hair Colouring: Victoria Stansfield

Here are some more close up pictures. I need to invest in some proper lighting of my own!


HAIR (cut/colour/styling) & MUA Victoria Stansfield
MODEL Lara Armaghan


HAIR (cut/colour/styling) & MUA Victoria Stansfield
MODEL Lara Armaghan

More not doing my essay.

21 Mar

This started out as another inspiration piece for my presentation – based on Kazuhiro Tusji’s ability to manipulate a face to look like that of another.

However, because life (and makeup) isn’t about being serious all the time….

Here is my take on the modern look of today. Complete with fake hair, fake glasses and oversized hat.

This is a joke makeup ;). Although quite a reality for some…

I\m sexy and I know it.

I’m sexy and I know it.

EDIT: As an afterthought, this was actually quite a worthwhile experiment. I can confidently say after applying one of the darkest foundations in my palette, very thickly and layering up the bronzer – I am no longer scared of the pea sized amount of comparatively very light MAC C2 Face and Body Foundation I wear regularly.

Essay/Presentation Writing (avoidance)

21 Mar

Today I got a new wig… unfortunately it is going to be styled out into a boring tudor piece.

So… before I destroy it I thought I’d do a little makeup!!

Hunger Games inspired makeup by moi.

Hunger Games inspired makeup by moi.

As I am meant to be doing my essay/presentation right now, I decided to give myself a time limit of 10min (trying to speed up my makeup applications!).

This piece is inspired by the Hunger Games. As I’m doing about Ve Neill, I can now stick this in my presentation. So technically, I’m still working.

Here is my inspiration image:

Faceplant Music Video

19 Mar

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working as part of the Faceplant crew for their new music video. I firstly want to say a big thank-you to all these guys for being amazing to work with! Please find links to all their webpages at the end of this post.

Getting on set for 8.30, we painted the four band members. I had the lovely Zoe Johnson working with me; having only met at Raise the Roof weeks ago, I had asked her to join me on this mission! We had a meeting a week before the shoot and split up the main design work (Me doing Oli & Mike, her taking Chris & Monty) and decided upon the themes and styles we would both carry through the makeup whilst keeping our designs individual to ourselves and our models.

9 hours later… at 5.30pm, we had finished.

With the venue well and truly set up, our amazing tech team go to work shooting the video. Several hours later and we were on with our second paint, which this time went much quicker and only took us an hour or so. Then back to shooting the final pieces.

Wine was drunk and we cleared up and returned home to watch the footage. So many hours worth! I’m so excited to see the video and many pictures! Please say tuned for it, should be up within a month I hope!

Here is a cheeky taster for you!



Faceplant: Oliver Kilpatrick, Michael Akers, and Dr. Chris Empson (Monty) and Chris Preist (


Victoria Stansfield (

Zoe Johnson (

Photographers/Vidographers/Special Effects

Scott Salt (

Chris Little (

Callum Whiteley (

Benjamin Smith (


Elixer Lighting (James Dickson) (


17 Mar

On Thursday we looked at human anatomy around the face, neck and shoulders. I had been quite looking forward to this as I find the factual science stuff really interesting.

We considered the effects of the environment, aging, chemicals, trauma, heat/cold and a few other circumstances in which the skin or bones may alter the way a makeup artist would look at carrying out the makeup.

Following this, we looked at doing a makeup to represent the skin and/or bones. Having already done a skeleton makeup…


…I decided to look at the make up of the muscles beneath the facial skin. I was referring to an image but as usual i decided to change it halfway through and got carried away in my own interpretation and so it became quite artsy. I’d like to have another go at this (and the skeleton)  and create a more realistic presentation of my learnings.

Needs to be redone!

Needs to be redone!

Timed Edwardian & Georgian practice assessments.

12 Mar

Today I decided to get this 90min timing down following completion of my face charts.

So here we go…

Here is my rich Edwardian practice assessment  I’m very happy with it and I think I have now got this down (including the ability now to adapt to whatever I am given to work with, creating differing pieces depending upon the hair style). I was going to do the bun adaption hairstyle, but having given so much volume, following pinning back the edges I barely needed to do anything with the hair around the back of the head besides shape the curls up a bit. For my final piece I will do the poor one first, then flesh out the colours and hairstyle following on straight after this to cut my time but also as they are quite similar so this procedure should be easy to do.

I’ve included a little process shot for you of proces I used to add volume to the hair, as it is usually left long and is very straight. Isn’t Kendall just the prettiest thing? 🙂

Some of the hair styling process - from removal through initial styling.

Some of the hair styling process – from removal through initial styling.

and here we have the final images! Note there are no flicks, she just has a really nice eye shape, the contouring around the outer eyes is part of her face shape. The main way this could have been improved is if I had hairspray and spent longer teasing the hair into place – I completed this in 80min so there should be time for that in my final assessment.
Please excuse the poor lighting.

Practice Assessment Edwardian Look

Practice Assessment Edwardian Look