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Drugs Abuse Makeup – Further Research

28 Feb

Being a couple of days since I found this link, I’m not really sure how I came across it. But I thought it was worth noting in relation to the drug abuse work I’ve been doing recently… take a look!

Although a few of the effects will have been done in photoshop, the drugs effects themselves have mainly been created using makeup – I do think some of the look quite makeup but this could just be due to the high definition style of imagery. Overall looks pretty interesting.


1950’s Makeup Practice

27 Feb

As said before, I have been taking the opportunity to practice my period makeup more by taking different eras and inserting it into my daily makeup.

Erratic as usual, following on from the 20’s I have gone for 50’s.


I’ve never been one to suit red lipstick but since my hair is not red and darker now it’s looking okay. (Jon Kinsey if you read this, I didn’t mean to dye it so dark. It’s the dye’s fault! Please don’t kill me.)

I think this looks pretty cool. False eyelashes on the top would look great. Actually really happy with my contouring on this one. This look is definitely something I could pull into my own makeup. When I wear it anyway…

Edwardian Hair Styling (Gibson Girl)

26 Feb

Just a quick one! Today I have been practicing more on my Edwardian styling for my assessment.

For the first time I managed to get hold of a lady with long hair! The put up is a bit messy but this can be sorted next time by spending more time on the piece – I also need to ensure that I am creating my rolls evenly to make the hairstyle look balanced – still ‘effortless’ in theory but perfect in appearance.  It may also look better if the edges of the inside of the rolls wasn’t so apparent next to the curls. Will try this next time.

Gibson Girl Styling

Gibson Girl Styling

Raise the Roof 23/02/2013

24 Feb

Last night I went to work at Raise the Roof, the place was buzzing and after getting ourselves set up very quickly, we had an excellent time painting people in in all manners of crazy spacey wonderfulness.

This is the first time I got to work with Eve Kearney from my uni course. She was pretty damn awesome I have to say. Bare minimal instruction and she got it perfect, I can’t wait to work with her again!

We met a lovely lady who works with Beacons Festival, so may have got a spot there to work! Exciting stuff! I’m so ready for the festival season, it’s my favourite time of year by far, so many inspiring, amazing people and fantastic experiences! Plus working with Happy Slap Boutique… you couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people, never-mind exceptional artists.

We only stayed until 2am as it gets a little too crowded for the boutique! We then raced round to Beaver Works to get back on the bar work. Home now and I’m hitting the hay so I can get ready for full on partying with the Happy Slap Boutique and Rumpus Crew on the MS Stubnitz in London – BRING IT ON!

For more information, check out the Facebook event page:

MS Stubnitz, London.


20’s Makeup

20 Feb

Okay, so as practice makes perfect and repetition increases memory it would figure using every opportunity to use these methods should be taken.

I don’t wear makeup day-to-day. I like my own skin and am happy in it, however, this would be the perfect opportunity to practice a style of makeup every day. So, using my working document I will be doing a new look at least every other day.

Today was 20’s! Having super short 20’s style hair definitely helps the cause. Just some quick pictures for you:

Front View

Front View

Side View

Side View

The British Academy Awards 2013

15 Feb

I jus wanted to do a quick post about the BAFTAs as I have just watched it, I thought it was great and there were so many good films, acts, directors, producers, artists and more. It was fantastic to watch and I have a few films I still need to catch up on such as Argo and Lincoln.

Best Hair and Makeup went to for Lisa Westcott for her work in  Les Mis.

Read here for more information on her work in the film.

Period Makeup: Elizabethan

15 Feb

Okay! So I have just finished shaving the side of my dreaded friend Chloe (hair-wise she has dreads, i’m not terrified of seeing her).

Seeing as I offered to do her hair for free, she owed me one makeup model session which I took straight away, practising my Elizabethan look.

Chloe in Elizabethan Makeup

Chloe in Elizabethan Makeup

I think it was good for a first try, I was scared it might look a bit like a Georgian look but having taken in what Lisa said about breaking down the features, I DO think i pulled it off. I even tied to make her hair look more Elizabethan style by curling up her dreads and pinning them to her head, followed by some pin curls around the face – bit messy but more authentic than her original hairstyle.

I paid special attention to the eyes and lips. I tried to block out her eyebrows, although it didn’t really work as I didn’t have the right tools available (NB. Buy for next time…) and then ensured she had thin, arched eyebrows.  I then created a heart shaped lip, trying to to use a vermillion shade, as the Elizabethans used the vermillion coloured pigment from Mercury Sulphide to aid staining of the lips.

Can’t wait to get some more research done and perfect all three of my period looks – even buying my own heated rollers & hot sticks tomorrow!