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Bald Cap – First Try

26 Jan

Recently I’ve been struggling to relax whilst working which has made things difficult to create! However, after a little word with Grace McComisky I decided to go out and clear my head and come back and just try something I feel like doing right now, rather than stressing myself.

So I made myself bald.

Me.. but bald. With scary eyebrows.

Me.. but bald. With scary eyebrows.

This was SUPER easy to create. Using a red head (, I layered up clear liquid latex by stippling it onto the head and allowing each layer to dry before the next, ensuring I allowed the edges to blend out.

Once I had done 8-9 layers and the latex had dried, I powdered the whole thing with translucent powder, then used the powder brush to gradually powder away the cap from the head and hey presto! Bald cap!

Having done this, I fitted the piece to my head and glued it down with Pros-Aide as I had no spirit gum. I snipped away the edges and then used a little IPA to try blend the edges out… then i stippled liquid latex on to further blend out the edges. I think I actually did a pretty good job on the edges I was able to see properly.

Which brings me to the ear area… it was quite hard to see and so although not the wort job ever, the cap is pretty clear. I’ll be doing this on my friend Oli tomorrow so hopefully, on being able to see the area will be able to resolve this much better!

I then used foundation across my face and the mask to blend the mask in even more, it worked quite well, I didn’t bother powering as I wanted to go for the shiny head look haha! I applied some mascara, lipstick and blusher along with some questionable eyebrows to try complete a feminine look and… there we go!

Film Focus: Django Unchained (2013)

26 Jan

I forgot about updating this post and it has been too long now to do fully! I need to watch it again then I will say more. Long story short it’s frickin awesome.

Christopher Waltz and Jaimie Foxx played their parts amazingly. As did everyone really! I loved a dark Decaprio – give me more!

MUAS (Quite a few!)

Makeup Department
Allan A. Apone …. assistant makeup department head (as Allan Apone)
Jeri Baker …. hair artist
Kristin Berge …. assistant hair department head
Kathryn Blondell …. hair artist: Leonardo DiCaprio (as Kathy Blondell)
Gino Crognale …. special makeup effects: KNB EFX Group
Deidra Dixon …. hair artist: Jamie Foxx
Camille Friend …. hair department head
Greg Funk …. assistant makeup department head (as Gregory C. Funk)
Paul Anthony Morris …. hair artist
Gregory Nicotero …. special makeup effects supervisor: KNB EFX Group
Kellie Robinson …. makeup artist
Remi Savva …. makeup artist
Aimee Stuit …. makeup artist
Heba Thorisdottir …. makeup department head
Elena Arroy …. makeup artist (uncredited)
Budd Bird …. hair stylist (uncredited)
Dana Boisseau …. hair stylist (uncredited)
Nikki I Brown …. makeup artist (uncredited)
Barbara Cantu …. hair stylist (uncredited)
Diana Choi …. wig maker (uncredited)
Erica Dewey …. assistant makeup artist (uncredited)
Jake Garber …. key special makeup effects: KNB EFX Group (uncredited)
Marcos Gonzales …. assistant hair stylist (uncredited)
LaToya Henderson …. makeup artist (uncredited)
Stacey Herbert …. makeup artist (uncredited)
Jennifer Hodges …. additional hair stylist (uncredited)
Jennifer Jane …. hair stylist (uncredited)
Jack Lazzaro …. makeup artist (uncredited)
Courtney Lether …. makeup artist (uncredited)
LaLette Littlejohn …. makeup artist: Mr. Foxx (uncredited)
Annabelle MacNeal …. makeup artist (uncredited)
Robin Mathews …. makeup artist (uncredited)
Yolanda Mercadel …. hair stylist (uncredited)
Lucy O’Reilly …. makeup artist (uncredited)
Denise Pugh-Ruiz …. assistant makeup artist (uncredited)
LeDiedra Richard-Baldwin …. makeup artist (uncredited)
Jami Ross …. makeup artist (uncredited)
Melizah Schmidt …. additional hair stylist (uncredited)
Justin Stafford …. custom hairpieces (uncredited)
Amy Wood …. hair stylist (uncredited)
Victoria Wood …. wig maker (uncredited)

New Happy Slap Video

19 Jan

Here is a little taster of what I get up to with Happy Slap Boutique! 

Watch away!:

Film Focus: American Mary (2013)

17 Jan

On Tuesday just gone, I went to see American Mary at Hyde Park Picture House.

I hadn’t actually been before and I think I need to go see more films there as they support up and coming directors and show films that the big cinemas don’t want. Its an opportunity to see films not done up in hype and I like taking the risk. Plus it’s cheaper which is handy seen as I’ve become gradually addicted to cinema-going.

The Twisted Twins (directors) who originate from Canada, were touring the film with Fright Fest and were there to answer lots of questions at the end. They were really giddy and quite entertaining to watch, they seemed quite nervous but gave some great answers. After seeing the film I’d love to work with them one day.

I’d give the film 7.5/10, I think I would have rated it higher if not having an dry english sense of humour – as the twisted twins said; in Canada some of the viewers were disgusted by some of the comments and actions in the film, whereas in English cinemas people laughed. It used some wacky ideas and the use of special effects was brilliant (although at one point when Mary (Katharine Isabelle) is pouring blood on herself it’s pretty damn pink and ruined the shot for me). I liked the way it explored a unique area, but the feel of the film was kind of universal in that you didn’t have to be a lover of body mod to appreciate the film.

My favourite character by far was Beatrice, the Betty Boop wannabe (Tristan Risk). Plus her friend but I don’t want to explain why – go see the film. I won’t say anymore as I’ll spoil it, go see it and support the girls – you’re in for a twisted surprise.

Film Focus: Les Misérables (2013) [SPOILERS]

17 Jan

Last night I went to see Les Mis, directer by Tom Hooper (Also did  A Kings Speech (2010) which I love).

I thought it was a great musical film; the singing was beautiful (especially from Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfriend). I loved the fact that they recorded all the singing on set, accompanied but the orchestra. I think this brought a much more raw an emotional sense to the film.

The cinematography was great and one of the main things I liked about the film was the focus on peoples faces and the expressions; each actor showed emotion to the camera incredibly well, however, I think this is also one of the downfalls. The emotion was mostly 1:1 with the camera, their own personal thoughts and feelings (often a feature of most musicals) and so sometimes I found it hard to relate that emotion between the characters. The songs were beautiful but I just couldn’t connect the characters as much as I really wanted to.

One thing that slightly confused me was the amount of cockney accents – I thought we were in France? Anne Hathaway gave my favourite performance, I loved her ‘uglyness’ and really believed her tears, plus it is awesome she let them actually cut all her hair off. She deserves every award she WILL get. My favourite shot what when the little Gavroche (Daniel Huttlestone) was singing on the back of the wagon, I think he has a great look and feel to his acting that will take him far..

I really wanted to cry to this film, I had been told by many people to take tissues, however I did not cry. I did not even feel the need to cry at all. I think the main reason I was slightly disappointed with this film is I thought it would move me massively, I thought I would feel so much and give it top marks but for me personally it just didn’t quite hit the spot. It seems so strange to be saying this as I thought it was a great film! I think the reason for my reluctance to character attachment is because I love the 1998 version, directed by Billie August and I’m not a massive musical lover, although this film did warm me to them.

My least favourite character was Eponine, I found her to be quite whiney rather than heartbroken but the bit where she died brought it back for her a little. Sasha Baron Cohen played my favourite character (the Inn Keeper), he brought a (if very slightly cheesy) funny and lighthearted edge to the film and played his character brilliantly, when he came into shot I knew it was going to be a good one. Sacha’s on screen wife (Helena Bonham Carter) was also brilliant but acted in a character style I’ve seen so many times now from her – I’m so sure she can do more than this and I want to see it!

I thought the makeup was awesome for every single character. Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) in particular, his transformation from committed criminal to reformeed mayor was bloody amazing.

Overall, I would give this film 8/10. I would still recommend seeing it but don’t anticipate your own response or allow others to tell you how you will feel!

First Men’s Haircut!

14 Jan

Today, I did my first haircut on my WILLING volunteer, Benji.

Please note the lines shown are in fact Benji’s head/the flash off his hair and not part of the cut.

I am really proud of this, I didn’t watch any of my DVDs and used common sense (Whey!) and my model was happy with it.

Now he will look beautiful for our shared birthday party. Hooray for those born on Feb 5th!

Model: Benji

Model: Benji

Sculpt Gel Practice – Face Slash

13 Jan

This evening I looked further into sculpt gel techniques. I decided to focus on my face for a change so I get used to the anatomy of different parts of the body. For the wound… think, animal attack – something with sharp talons or claws.

I found the gel so much easier to work with when more of part C was added, however it took much, much longer to dry! The large cut I did at the top of my lip was with thicker gel, but I got rid of half of it and used a thinner mix. I found by rolling my brush end towards where I wanted to create an edge, I could create much smoother and thinner shapes that still blended outwards into the skin. rather than blending out a sausage shape and cutting into it which caused drag and risked moving the set gel.

Another great technique I found, was smoothing the gel over my skin, and then using an edge, cut straight into the ‘second skin’ giving a quick and realistic look.

cutb cutc

Face Slash View One

Face Slash View One