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Calvaria Pulchra

30 Dec

I’ve made a new years resolution, or rather appropriately timed realisation, that if I want to be a world famous talented makeup artist; then I need to be putting a hell of a lot of work in every single day. So from this point, I will spend at least 4 hours a day doing activities to benefit myself as a makeup artist.

For these past few days this has been working out pretty well without much effort. There are no limitations to this promise to myself (despite the obvious) just that it must be related to my career – so for example, watching relevant films (and taking down details I see interesting), researching, drawing, painting, doing makeup – anything!

I have also started on a new habit of taking down all the hair and makeup artists for each film I watch because:

  1. I should be appreciating other peoples work, as I would like other people to appreciate mine – plus this will come in handy in the future when speaking to others and I actually know who the makeup artist was for the piece I love .
  2. To find patterns in the makeup artists used – such as which directors vs. makeup artists, makeup artists common to a genre, or simply makeup artists thatwork on a lot of the films that I like.

For todays work, I focused on doing a skull. I’ve never actually done one before which is strange as the human skeleton fascinates me. It’s not particularly accurate, but I think it’s pretty good for a first go. I used Wolfe paints and a cheap eyeshadow palette off Ebay.


Skull Facepaint

Skull Facepaint

Skull Facepaint

Skull Facepaint

Whilst this wasn’t directly inspired by GAGA, she does do a video where she has a glamourous skeleton look (MUA for Gaga was Tara Savelo, Gaga’s personal Artist):

Which bring us on to Rick Genest, or “Zombie Boy” who starred in her “Born this way” music video. Amazing tattoo work.

Rick Genest

This guy has fantastic tattoos. I love how crazy and scary it is, almost not of this world but so routed in it. I actually think he looks more beautiful with the tattoos!

If I don’t get back tomorrow… have a Happy New Year and I’ll see you in 2013!


Artist Focus: Shinichi Maruyama

28 Dec

Wow, I just found out about an amazing artist by the name of Shinichi Maruyama. Hey created these pictures of a naked dancer using over 10 000 stop motion images. This is something to remember.

Find more pictures and information, take a look at this website:

Semester Two: A Head Start!

28 Dec

Naturally, as I love makeup I haven’t been able to ‘have a break’ as my tutors put it. Makeup is my life and I can’t give it a rest!

However, I have been able to get a sneaky look at last year’s semester two media brief (sources protected!) and have made a start. I know it may not be exactly the same but I hate to be told to do ‘general research’ when I am going to be asked to do something specific. I like to get the facts/requirements and go crazy from that!

So, since I broke up on the 18th, I have created a 14 page A4 document (with pictures) documenting a brief history (40,000BC – 1989AD) of makeup and fashion including notable icons. Even if we don’t use this it has been a huge help and frankly I’m surprised I didn’t have a more accurate understanding of how each era developed.

I’ve also been re-watching lots of period drama’s to get myself up to date (with a pinch of salt obviously) such at Bel Ami, Amadeus, Les Miserables,  North and South, The Duchess, Jayne Eyre and more to go!

My next steps are a little more secretive for now. But I am sure I will have a wealth of research by the time I go back on the 21/01/2013!

MINI BIO: Ken Diaz

27 Dec

I’ve just been looking through some of Tom Hardy’s interviews/work etc. on the internet as I absolutely love his work, and I cam across Ken Diaz, one of Tom’s makeup artists for Lawless. I looked through Ken’s IMDB and realised he has worked on tonnes of amazing films! Plus the work on his IMDB is awesome!

Ken Diaz rm3488262400/nm0225004

First of all, here is Ken’s IMDB so you can check out his filmography:

Ken is a special effects makeup artist that specialises in tattoo makeup for which he won an Emmy in the Outstanding Achievement in Makeup category in 1992 (Chains of Love). He also won an Emmy in 1990 (LA Law), 2004 (American Family) and 2010 (The Big Bang Theory)- along with nominations in 1990 (Dad) and 1995 (My Family). He also received a Golden Eagle, Alma, A Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Award (and two nominations).

I’m just going to copy this bit as it’s not worth the time rewording it (source:

“His celebrity clients include Crispin Glover (1991 The Doors), Harvey Keitel (1991 Bugsy), Mickey Rourke (1994F.T.W., 1995 Fall Time, and 2011 Immortals), Jon Voight (1995 Heat, 1997 Anaconda, and 1997 U-Turn), Val Kilmer (1995 Heat and 2002 The Salton Sea), Robert Duvall (2009 Get Low), Sissy Spacek (2009 Get Low), Jeff Bridges (2009 The Man Who Stare at Goats), Nick Chinlund (2005 The Legend of Zorro), Mackenzie Crook (2003Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl), Ralph Fiennes (2002 Red Dragon), Ethan Hawke (2001Training Day), Raymond Cruz (2001 Training Day), Robert DeNiro (2000 The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle), Derek Mears (1999 Wild Wild West), Antonio Banderas (1998 The Mask of Zorro), Catherine Zeta-Jones (1998 The Mask of Zorro), Robin Williams (1996 Jack), Rainelle Saunders (1995 Heat), Joe Pesci (1995 Casino), Jenny Gago (1995 My Family), Christopher Lloyd (1991 The Addams Family), Jason Patric (1990 After Dark, My Sweet), Jack Lemmon (1989 Dad), Olympia Dukakis (1989 Dad), and Mel Brooks (1987 Spaceballs).”

Tom isn’t even mentioned in that list so I’m sure there are plenty more stars following the previous!

But here the beautiful guy is!

The internet isn’t showing any kind of bio at all for him so I haven’t been able to find out much more that what we have here! Definitely a guy to keep track of though.

Hyde Park Panto/TV Adaption Assessment (Media) – Semester One

17 Dec

On Saturday I was a very busy makeup lady! I did makeup for the Unity Day Hyde Park Panto (afternoon and evening performances) along with the help of Lara who was brilliant! It was great to practice my theatre makeup, it sunk in much more how the depth of highlight and contour needs to be really strong – even for a small-medium stage performance, (I was sat and the back and although I could see the coour of their ‘skin’ well, it could have done with being a bit more contrasting). This was done last minute and with no planning – In future I would like to do much better designs.





The panto itself was quite entertaining and I found a liking for sherry during the interval. It was great to work with a range of children and adults and I’d definitely like to do it again next year! I then had an after party at my house and lots of the lovely panto people came over which was great as I got to spend a bit more time with them!

In between the performances, the AMAZING Lara also modelled for my Makeup for a TV Adaption Assessment. I decided to look at dancing on Ice an followed my standard TV Assessment teachings ensuring good colour correction and base coverage, I am quite happy with my piece and in person Lara looked absolutely beautiful! (even if she wasn’t used to wearing quite so much makeup!). I curled all her hair so she looked more styled for a glamourous performance. The only points for development I would pick out would be slightly stronger contouring and better blending of the eyeshadow.

Thanks to Scott Salt for being awesome and pretty much dropping everything to take good pictures for me too. My camera and I fell out.


Makeup for Reality TV show Dancing on Ice.


Makeup for Reality TV show Dancing on Ice (close up).

Painting Fun with Steph!

14 Dec

Hey, just a quick update. Here is a picture I have just received of some work I did with Steph quite a while ago. It’s not my best work but it was fun to experiment, it has certainly given me a few ideas for the future, especially experimenting with the positive and negative. For such detailed work in the future I need to find a better way of repetitive marking and perhaps plan out my pattern/idea before starting it.

Steph Boyle

Steph Boyle

This piece was inspired by a beautiful piece by Yolanda Bartram – see below. It’s a lot more difficult to do than it looks….



Fresh Cut Production : Mojo Blues

14 Dec


On Saturday 8th of December I worked with Ricko and Max from Fresh Cut Productions in Scarborough. We created a music video for UK Dubstep Band, Mojo. The song is named ‘Blues’. The video has now been released (11th Jan I think it was!) Take a look at it here:

First of all, we got to Scarborough and got to a nice little pub to get dressed up and get the makeup on.

Actor: Jess

Actor: Jess

Actor: Ash

Actor: Ash

I have to say I think my favourite of the two was the male clown, his look was originally inspired by the mask the joker wears at the start of The Dark Knight:

I changed the eyes up though as I though as out character was supposed to be more happy go lucky than bank robber. I did loads of  pen & watercolour sketches to try and get some ideas together to choose from (note, webcam does not show detail properly…):

Personal sketchbook work for Mojo Shoot

Personal sketchbook work for Mojo Shoot

Personal sketchbook work for Mojo Shoot

Personal sketchbook work for Mojo Shoot

Personal sketchbook work for Mojo Shoot

Personal sketchbook work for Mojo Shoot

Personal sketchbook work for Mojo Shoot

Personal sketchbook work for Mojo Shoot

We had to change the female clowns design a little to adjust for filming ideas. I think the makeup was succesful, I wouldn’t change the male makeup but I would have liked to get better eyebrows on the female. I aimed to create pieces that showed the clowns personality and could easily be seen from far away and yet still look good in close ups.

My favourite part about the makeup was the references to hobo clowns in the male piece – having scruffy hair and facial hair, keeping to the happy nature of this clown style despite the lack of luck (in this case with the women…).

Working with Fresh Cut was brilliant, they’re really professional and organised with loads of creative ideas, yet they are approachable and interested in hearing opinions from others on how to develop the work. They put real trust in each person to do their job and that felt great.

C12 C13 C10 C9 C8 C7 C6 C5 C1

I hope I will be working with them again soon, along with Jess and Ash as they did amazingly. Working behind (and around!) the camera is an amazing feeling, it gets me buzzing like nothing else. I crave the pressure of such a fast paced creative working environment, in which there are so many unpredictable forces – such as the general pubic, weather and transport. Finding resourceful ways of capturing footage in line with a brief gives me such a high and really makes me feel alive!

Find information about Fresh Cut here:

And Mojo here: