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27 Nov

This week in our work based learning session we have been asked to look into copyright concerned with blogging, considering both our own and other people rights.

Copyright is the legal term used to describe the rights awarded to creators for their original works, therefore protecting individuals from others copying and stealing work that is not theirs and claiming it as their own, which can lead to undue credit and in some cases, undue royalties.

It is important to gain permission from owners for their work before using it, however if they are not reachable and there is no disclaimer saying otherwise works may be used so long as they are credited providing no personal gain is being made to the person using the work. For instance I may use a google image as part of research so long as I describe in detail where I found it, however, I would not be able to use that image to sell my work.

Creating a header or footer on a website detailing the copyright alerts the viewer to the fact that work on this site is copyrighted, however, this is not technically needed to claim copyright by the creator; it is simply to inform others who believe unmarked work on the internet is free to use.

Gelatin Hand & Arm Burn

27 Nov

Last night I created this:

Gelatin Burn

It’s cool, but I need to concentrate more on anatomy (Dear Santa…) to make it more realistic.

I also need to look at the way I am showing the  epidermis (check me out using the scientific language!), here I have left much of the skin pale in colour and did not cover it in enough black ash… this does not look physically correct and should have been slightly burnt, more in line with the actual skin colour or blackened with ash, which would also show a clearer picture of different areas. Edges need working on a little more too, though they’re not too bad.

I really like the way I have focused on using larger areas of burning, rather than many small burnt through areas and think it does look more realistic than previous work. I just need to concentrate on showing the difference between the skin and the bones, a trip to Jeff is in order!

Gelatine Full Thickness Flame Burn

22 Nov

Today I have been working on the specifications given for our personal inspiration book. Next term I’m calling it sketchbook and throwing the teachers rules out the window.

ALSO in the wonderful world of FX, I have been working on my full thickness flame burn. Once I master this I will work my way back to slightly ashed skin. So here we go:

It’s make out of gelatine! I tried to layer this up to create a 3D piece, stringing gelatine between areas to create an impression of the body melting and pulling apart. I’m not sure if skin melts but it looks cool. I hate to say this as a veggie but I’d quite like to burn some skin and see what happens. It’s a hard life being a wannabe Vegan – yet being obsessed by psychopaths and blood.

I used yellow, dark yellow, red, maroon, and black greasepaints to create this piece. I decided to spend longer on my paint job than usual, using two brushes (OOOoOOoh!)  rather than one to paint in. I used a fine brush to colour in lower set details to create an impression of real depth. I forgot to powder and get jelly on it, but I’m happy with the overall shine – although the flash certainly captured a few edges I didn’t want to show.

Also, I must say I am very happy with the lower part of this piece, this is the first time I have been able to look at the edge as sinking in rather than out. with the black smoke edging appearing to be higher than the gelatin – got you! It’s not. The gelatine edge is actually much higher than the skin.


[EDIT: Note to self; same detail & larger sink areas?]

Knock! Knock!

22 Nov

Quick joke…

What happened to the Makeup Artist when she tried to de-pot a blusher without heating the glue?










The bright pink MAC blusher exploded all over her, the desk and the floor, she also broke the palette.
Bud Dum Tss! 😉

Large Stage Theatre Makeup – Assessment

20 Nov

This actually went better than I thought. I had one practice between my first go and the assessment (I didn’t have time to do more!) And I think it actually paid off. Here is the lovely Lily:

Front L.S.T Makeup

Left L.S.T Makeup

Right L.S.T Makeup

As you can see there is much more detail in the eye makeup this time and the blending is much better. I created a new lip line as the top lip was slightly thin and I think it looks good (if slightly wonky). I ALSO think that I did quite well picking a base colour for Lily as I haven’t worked with dark skin before. BOOM 🙂

Main areas for development:

  • Not giving such a cat flick to the outer lines, these should be straighter.
  • Create larger lines – whilst this looks good close up, from about 15m away I couldn’t see the white at all!
  • The shading should have been slightly darker
  • The highlight should have been stronger – I struggled a little with this as it started to look grey and dull but I realised on reflection I needed to use more of a peach tone to balance the colour.

I thought I’d do a lot worse so I’m glad this wasn’t a TOTAL disaster. Yay!

Lush Vegan Makeup – The Results

16 Nov

Ok, so I’ve applied the “light pink” foundation, followed by “feeling you” highlighter and “charsma” (SP??) low light, I’ve then sealed it with “E.B. The only extra products I added were my own mascara and Chocolate Lip tint (which I have just realised after writing this post is from Lush too!)

Overall, I’ve gotta say I really like the products.

Lush Base Makeup (excuse the slight over-shading on my nose; it’s slightly bent – but not that much so!)

After applying my boots own primer, I started with the foundation. At first I didn’t feel I was getting enough coverage, then I realised I was being sparing with a sparingly given amount so I wacked some more on, this time giving me a much more even finish which i evened out with the MAC stipple brush. After doing this I then applied the highlight with my fingers, dabbing on and then blending out, doing the same with the lowlight. I love these colours as they are both quite pearlescent but leave quite a smooth finish; nothing too shiny, just a healthy looking glow. I then powdered expecting the translucent pinky powder to pink me up but I was pleasantly surprised! It was totally neutral with barely any buffing out needed and it was so fine, there was no clotting of the product what so ever. On posting my last post, I had applied a slight amount to my nose whilst in the shop and I’ve gotta say, my usually oily nose was still looking respectable.

In terms of comfort, the product feels beautiful and silky on my skin and being a lush product, totally natural. I have a feeling that the clerk didn’t skin match the foundation as it’s slightly darker (although sadly the lighter version is vegetarian, not vegan as it contains lanolin, I’m sure they can find a way to work this out of the mix??) but she can forgiven as she’s not a trained MUA, just a very helpful shop clerk 🙂

The main downfall I have found so far with the lush products would be the mascara – I was told although not waterproof it was definately smudge proof. I’ve not had such smudged mascara in ages.

But for now… overall… well done Lush!

I’ll add an edit in the morning to show you my makeup throughout the night and after it!


So after 5 hours the makeup was still looking pretty good (excuse the camera phone picture, I forgot my SD card!). It was starting to cake slightly when close up but from about a meter away it was still looking quite flawless! And as you can see, no major nose shiner – total winner!

Makeup after 5 hours working in a nightclub

12 hours later and as expected, the makeup has caked ever so slightly more (but less that most makeups would!) and I’ve got definite nose/face shine (along with super greasy hair). Bur overall, I’ve certainly looked worse after working a 12 hour night. Winner. (Seriously worried about my bent looking nose…)

Makeup after 12 hours working in a nightclub.

Lush Makeup

16 Nov

Today I decided to go snoop on Lush’s Vegan makeup.

The first thing I tried was their “Emotional Brilliance” range. This is a range of vegan liquid makeup in a range of colours. It could have just been the clerk that didn’t really know what she was talking about, but it seemed that although appearing as a colour palette for general use each colour was specifically for something – eyes, lips etc.

That led to the question of why am I picking out of a colour wheel (the clerks ask you to spin a wheel with your eyes closed, then pick out the three colours that appeal to you most) when each colour is for something different? Should there not be separate colour wheels? Is the point of makeup not to accentuate your features? Just because light blue apparently symbolises how you are ‘calm’ it doesn’t mean it’s the right colour to stick on your eyelids. [EDIT: For those of you who are interested, I picked out motivation, ambition and drive…]

So in all honesty this is just a total marketing ploy; great to get people interested in the psychological effects of colour… but picking colours out of spinning wheels and going ‘ooooooh, im ambitious!’ it doesn’t really have any depth at all. As for the products the colours are really beautiful and on trying them they seem pretty solid, they also blended out really nicely, especially when used as a blusher – they didn’t feel too sticky at all. At £14.50 though they’re waaaaaay expensive so I’ll be waiting for my loan to try these out properly.

I couldn’t get any samples of this sadly. But I also tried their foundation (liquid), translucent powder, mascara, highlighter and contour creams. I’m working tonight so I will be using them in my makeup and will post about it tomorrow.

Lush goodies!

As you can see, I also bought some beautiful vegan shower gel… it’s called Ponche and smells like orange, plum and cinnamon. It’s got that fruity zesty smell that wakes you up in the morning, but with a warm comforting edges that makes you smell beautiful 🙂