Makeup for TV

24 Oct

Today the lovely Steph was my model for a makeup, designed for TV.

Unfortunately I don’t think I did very well at the task – rating between 1 and 10 , I would give it a 3 – although I do think I just scraped satisfactory for a first time go.

TV Presenter Makeup

Close up of the eyes.

The first photo is a little shadowed so I’ve added a close up of the eyes too. I tried to stick to using colour theory in my work, including browns with copper undertones and a warm but light cream colour, adding a little plum-brown under the eye to further push the contrast and make her blue eyes stand out. I need to practise using my left hand more as my blending on the left eye is no where near as good as on the right.

On trying to do my base, toning and blusher; my colouring became too orangey. The incorrect skin tone not only took away from her natural skin tone and made it look fake (due to too much coverage) but it also took away from the ‘pop’ of the eyes and lips. I managed to mess up the colour correction around the eyes despite doing it brill the other day – I’m not sure why so will need to speak to a tutor tomorrow.

I think my favourite part of this piece is the lips, I usually do the lips last, however this time I did them once I had completed the concealer and foundation. I like them because the lipstick colour which I had mixed myself) complimented both her eyes and hair. This is the first time i have used a lip liner, and i do really think it helps add to the definition of the lips.

This was meant to be for my media project, but I am certainly not happy with it and shall be stealing Steph again for another go!


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