Media Makeup Project – Semester One

19 Oct

Today I have been at home working on my project for media makeup, It’s split into 4 sections – TV, TV Adaption, Theatre and Fashion.

I’ve got my idea all sorted for fashion so I’ve been giving that a go! Got all my layout/formatting sorted so whilst im feeling less inspired this evening, i’ve been cutting out, sticking down and bordering everything up, reading for working on! I’m really happy with it so far. I did another Makeup Chart – this time with Ink & Watercolour, it went ok but I’m not sure I’m onto a winner yet in terms of materials.

Just waiting for a couple of bloods to come through in the post so I can do some reviews for my SFX project. Excited! I think next week I shall be having a day purely dedicated to blood!

So I don’t have any pictures of my project for you – that’s top secret 😉 But here a little piece of art I have done for you that I’m fond of!

Glitter & Trauma


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