My First Face Chart

15 Oct

I just wrote a huge piece but my tablet deleted it!

Today I did my first face chart. I found a face shape I though was suitable to use for the rest of my year and adapted it so it had one eye closed, making it more suited for displaying the eye makeup. As an after thought, next time I shall also make her forehead smaller.

The makeup we were asked to do had to be based on cultures and countries. Due to being short of time before my next move, I chose to look at the simple yet versatile makeup of the Geisha.

I chose to create my face chart using a black fine liner, black sharpie and the makeup products directly. I found the application and blending process quite hard, however although the piece is not quite as I wanted in my head, it does display what I wish to do. Next to the image I have listed the products and brushes used to make creating the final piece easier and quicker to carry out.

During this semester, I am going to use a different media each time to create my charts, including CAD; enabling myself to find the materials most suited to my own method of working.

I will be carrying out the practical for this makeup tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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