Sneaky Experience

14 Oct

On Saturday 13th, I worked with the lovely guys from Sneaky Experience along with my great photographer Lara Armhagan.

The night was held at Left Bank in Hyde Park, a beautiful (if slightly cold) church with fantastic acoustics, serving perfectly for the bands that would play that evening. Whilst Nosferatu played on the projector accompanied by a 3 piece band including an amazing cellist,  I made up guests into a range of vampires, zombies and even a few cheeky glittery spiders.

Freshly Dead Zombie Girl

The night followed on with a screening of From Dusk Till Dawn by Tarantino another film which I have yet to see! Sadly I had my back to the screen for the majority of the night – next time I may have to bargain for a spot with a good view of the stage! The customers continued steadily throughout the performances including a burlesque act from penny which the crowd loved.

Me working at Sneaky Eperience!

Shortly after Penny`s act I unfortunately had to leave for work at Beaverworks, but I had so much fun at the event and it was great to meet such passionate people. I can not wait for the next one! Find more about Sneaky Experience by finding them on Facebook, their next event is on the second of February, my birthday weekend!!/SneakyExp?ref=stream&slog=1292833487&seq=676810584&rk=0&fbtype=65&__user=1626480023!/SneakyExp?ref=stream&slog=1292833487&seq=676810584&rk=0&fbtype=65&__user=1626480023


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