12 Oct

So far in the course I’ve been pretty obsessed with the SFX side off stuff, we’ve started off with blood and bruises. in our first lesson on 05/10/2012 we looked at bruises using a greasepaint bruise wheel. Originally I had thought I much preferred working with my fingers, but when it came to using a brush I found it gave me more control over what I was trying to achieve and it was great for creating a veiny look. I think overall to get the best effect, a combination of the two would be best as in some areas of the brushed bruise I feel the colouring is too intense for what i wanted and not blended out enough.

Three bruises created using greasepaint

In todays lesson we looked at using bruise gels. Having practised with these at home, I’ve got to say I really didn’t like them. I didn’t believe them at all, not even when my tutor put them on his own arm. After a bit of direction I warmed to them slightly, on building them up they do appear more realistic but I’m yet to be convinced. It was a bit of a pain how one gel would sometimes wipe away the other – but I suppose with practice I would be able to stop doing so unintentionally!

Bruise Gels

Four bruises created using bruise gels

Today we also made bloods, but I shall be posting more about that at a later date! Please feel free to comment/criticize 🙂


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